I've posted my form off to the organisers I was just wondering when I will find out if I'm in the race.
The run up Halifax aint to bad going to do the hill from hell next week.
Great running round Liversedge.


  • Should be Halifax road not Halifax!!!!!!!!!!
  • Could anyone let me know just how hilly this course is. I have done the Guy Fawkes 10 in November in Ripley which has some big hills in it. Is this course much hillier or about the same?
  • The course is hilly but not till 5 miles does it get extreme!!
    The course starts in Robertown with a steady 1.2 miles before you hit the run up Halifax road hill for 1 mile this aint too bad just a steady incline.Then it's 4 miles of flat with a really big run down hill to Brighouse.The hill from hell then comes along which is tedious but not too bad(honest!)Clifton Village is next for around a mile before 1.5 miles on Walton Lane steady incline nought much really.Another 0.7 miles along Halifax road flat which is easy then 1.7 miles ish continous hill upto Hartshead to the finish the worst part is after the ford at Brighouse which is the hill but I've ran 11 miles of the course today and my fears have all gone if you put in 3 miles of good hill work during trainng then it won't be a problem.
  • Thanks for the advice David. Still trying to make a final decision about entering.
  • Go for it this will be my first ever race it's suppossed to be good and have a good atmosphere I live in Liversedge and the views are superb whilst running.The marshalls all support you well and is actually used by the more competative runners for a warm up for the Flora.According to the Spen Guardian there are 200 places left.
  • wendy the hills at guy fawkes are that littie bit harder than this enter and have a good run/fun
  • hi Dave

    Just been for 6 miles at lunchtime, around Regents Park...almost got blown into the zoo!!

    glad the training is going well...afraid I'm gonna give this one a miss cos the start time is a bit late really...

  • The race is now full
  • Think we are seriously going to have to look to increase our race limit next year. The number of people still wanting to enter is unbelievable. Anyway on a serious note, if any of you forumites know of anyone who has entered and is unable to run, would someone please try and let me know, and just maybe we may be able to get a few more in that want to run.
  • Hi fellow runners. I am running this race and like David, it is my first ever!

    May sound a strange question, however are there any particular expectations with regards to dress attire? I would normally run with a waterproof and long pants in the winter, hat, gloves etc! Just wondering if this would be frowned upon as not being appropriate for a formal race (although I am participating for the sheer love of it).

    Hope you can help
  • Gareth,
    You just wear what you want to wear, If it's cold wrap up like you normally do. There are always those who will run in vest and shorts, but that is their choice. All we as organisers want to see is a happy smile when you cross the finishing line, and your Race number pinned firmly to the FRONT of whatever you are wearing so the markers can take your number easily.
  • Excellent and many thanks for your prompt reply! Answers my question.

    Thanks again and looking forward to having a great day.
  • Gareth parts of the course can be windswept especially around Clifyon (walton Lane) and Windybank.I run this area now for the build up and you def need hat and a good windproof jacket I wouldn't run in just vest not in Feb.Hope you enjoy the run it's a great route and the views are brilliant.
  • ES

    Any chance of me getting in the race at the last minute? Ran last year but only just got back in England after overseas tour.
  • Sorry Scotty, the race is totally full, with an ever increasing list of people who want to run.
  • Thanks for the advice David. Living in Southowram I know all about wind...and hills!
  • Sorry Scotty, the race is totally full, with an ever increasing list of people who want to run.
  • Just heard that Kirklees Council, in their wisdom have decided to dig up all the roads around Roberttown, so beware that you may have trouble getting into Roberttown. Maybe allow a few more minutes for your journey as one of our major Car Parks is on one of the roads that they are closing. It may be a bit of a free for all with the parking as the big field we use at the side of the school is also well waterlogged at the moment. We will obviously try and accommodate everyone, but PLEASE be patient if directed a little further away than you would like. If all else fails, try and park in the estate just off Roberttown Lane (down Meadow Lane). These things are sent to try us, but it wouldn't be the Liversedge Half without roadworks.
  • I've entered this race and unfortunately have had to pull out due to other committments - if anyone out there fancies doing this run it may be possible to transfer my number to a new name.
  • Dominic,
    We will probably be able to use your number, thanks very much. If you send me an email with your details that would be much appreciated.
  • Hi

    Is there a recommended time of arrival to collect race number? Just trying to balance traffic, collection of number and keeping warm before the race starts.

    Also, as I am making my debut, excuse my ignorance but how do you manage to provide individual timing on completion of race as I am sure we will not all start at the same time.

    Thanks all. Again, making my debut!
  • Gareth,
    Arrival time is very much down to preference, but as a general rule of thumb, I would suggest an hour to and hour and a half. This will give you time to park your car, walk and collect your number, go to the loo (the loos do tend to get a bit crowded at our event), perhaps have a cup of tea, walk back to the car if you need to, get changed then it's off to the start and away you go. As I stated in a previous message, please be aware that there is likely to be traffic congestion in and around Roberttown so please don't set off too late. As for timing, the time that you get from us, is the time from when the hooter goes off to the time that you actually cross the finish line. Most people again will have a stopwatch which they start when they cross the start line, and stop it when they cross the finishing line, so they get an accurate time for themselves. The time difference that we get for you, will obviously be the time it takes you to get across the start line.
  • Latest update on the course, is that we have run the course this morning and apart from it being a bit slushy there shouldn't be too many problems. There is more rain forecast and as long as it doesn't freeze, we should be OK.
    The main problem is the one that I keep going on about and that is Car parking. It is almost definite now that we will not be able to use the fields, so as I have said before, please bear with us on this one.
    Race does start at high noon, and there will be people in the Centre from about 9.30am (although we will be out much earlier)
    Good luck to everyone and try and enjoy the day, despite the weather.
  • Looking forward to the race a little nervous as it's my first time but hope to enjoy it.Hope the people of Liversedge turn out to cheer us all on it won't be easy but been a Liversedgeite for 11 years it's always been my ambition to run this half marathon.
    Good luck to everyone and lets enjoy the race.
  • Heh, David, good luck too. First for me too (yes, I may have mentioned it once or twice on here!) and feel a wee bit nervous too. But heh, it is all about enjoying and lets do that
  • Last minute touches discussed and worried about, will Marshals turn up, hope it doesn't snow again, etc etc.
    Going to bed now, have to be up at 6.00am.
    Good luck to everybody and thanks for the comments on the forum.
    Please keep it going, good or bad after the race. We want to know what you think.
  • ES what an experience thank you.The start was brilliant the spectators were great.As for the course well...Hill from hell ok Walton Lane never ending.It was nice to be encouraged by people I know when we got to Clifton it gave me a lift (thanks, you know who you are).The last mile seemed to take forever but the finish line was something I'll never forget.Thanks to everyone who organised the event.I'm struggling today but I've got the tee shirt and completed the course in 1hr 58 mins and for the first time ever running in a race that is something I'm proud of.
    Thank you.
  • There are race pics at the following link if anyone interested.
  • Well David, you beat me too it!

    I had a superb time. Loved every minute of it. Had no idea what the event would bring and I really had a ball. Very well organised and I thought the finish was great. Lovely touch to have the finishers names read out. I mentioned to my fiance that I was aiming for 2 hours and she stated she would be there at the finish time (with her dad and my wee boy) for 2pm. Well, I got to the 11 mile mark and it was just leaving 1.30. First thought I had was that they would not be there. The last 2 miles were very hard indeed. I had a romantic thought, pre race, to doing a bit of a 'Seb Coe kick' at this stage. Eh, no! I had to really work hard for the last 2 miles and came in at 1hr 52...with my family smiling faces there to greet me.

    An amazing experience. I have already been online looking at other half's in Yorkshire.

    Thanks all for making it such a great experience. I went home, had a shower...and then a couple of beers. Heh, I am Scottish...its what we do!!!

    David, delighted you enjoyed it and I enjoyed reading your resume. Sounds like you felt just like also with the aching limbs! Well done mate.

    PS ES...thanks for your frequent updates on this forum
  • PS Just to cap it all...I have managed to get on camera not once...but twice!

    Star of stage and screen!!!
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