Lower Back Pain

Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice, i've been out for 10 months due to a stress fracture in my shin and a knee injury.

Now i have started running again, those injuries seem to be ok, but in am getting a lot of pain in my lower back just near my coccyx on my right hand side. This is worse after i have run. I am stretching it regularly and this seems to ease some of the pain, does anyone have any ideas as to what this may be and how i could treat it?


  • Not sure I will answer your query much - but I have had similar. I have been out for 3-4 months with shin injuries - ran for 10 mins a week ago and hurt my back. i went straight back to my physio-who is now sticking needles in me and told me not to run until its better!!

    Someone on here suggested that my running style may have changed to compensate for the injuries and this has thrpwn my back out. Ive also been told that having had a break for so long the muscles in my back have weakenede- so ever thogh my legs are ready to run as before - my back ned sstrenghthening.

    No idea if any of this is the right answer- i shall continue with the needsles until i am better.

    I would prob get a medical opinio- the lst thing you want to do is be out for a while again I guess

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