I have recently developed pain in my right hip near the bone. I hoped it would go away but now it seems to constantly appear when I walk, run or go upstairs/downstairs. However when I sit down I feel no pain. I am currently training for the Reading Half Marathon so have increased my mileage. Does anyone know what it is or the best way to treat it.


  • Could it be ITBS?

    I ended up with that last year and it lumbered me with a 3 month layoff because I didn't rest when symptoms began! Ultrasound scan dignosed it, treated with physio and rest.

    Hope that's of some help to you and hope it gets better soon.
  • sal, try the physio, its your best bet. be money well spent. ;0)
  • I wouldnt think it was ITBS , that is lower in the leg, I is probably due to the muscles that support the pelvis being weak, IE poor core stability and overworking of the butt muscels compensating for weakness in muscels in the upper leg and hip, and the hip has become instable, see a phsio for proper excercise, to strenghten these muscles.
  • Hmmm, could still be ITBS NN. It's usually the knee, but can affect the hip.
  • I good reason to seek professional advice OFF the forum, always too many conflicting ideas, do the wrong thing or take the wrong advice could make thing worse, as MF4 said money well spent.
  • Agree with you NN, but I found the forum v. helpful. Not a substitute for a professional's diagnosis though.
  • he's me thinking we're all professional's on this forum. can't think what I'm a pro at?????
  • It sounds very similar to what I had last year when I started marathon training for the first time, it was easily sorted actually but I had to do loads of core work eeeekkkk !! sit ups etc, but opnce those muscles are kicked into gear they work to hold everything stable ...and a visit to the pysio worked wonders,actually stood in fron the mirror in just my undies (sorry) I could see my pelvis was higher one side than the other, she pulled me around abit and a click here and a click there and it was sorted I didnt even have to stop running.
  • Thanks for your help all! I will definitely look into seeking help with a physio. I have a half marathon in a few months so would really like it sorted before then. I hope it does not affect my training. The sooner I am sorted the better, I don't do any additonal cross training or sit ups etc. I do stretch out before and after which could be why. My fault these exercises do not give me the same buzz like running!!
  • Do you think Massage might help?
  • Hi Sal,

    I've just developed pretty much the same thing this last month (see my post last night) but i have been doing core work at the gym etc and so was wondering what worked for you in the end?

    Here's hoping you still subscribe to RW.



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