London 10K Valentines Love Run

Has anyone done this run before and can comment on it?

very tempted as I have no February races lined up!


  • Did this last year. Its nice and flat and good fun! Can remember there being loads of water available. I'm doing it again next month.
  • i think i'll sign up for it, my first race!!! AAAAHHHH
  • Just registered for this... hope it's a good one. First 10km in preps for my first half marathon. kinda nervous!
  • I did it last year, like Roobarb said, nice flat and good fun.

    Mite do it again, a week after a half mara so should be nice and easy.
  • Battersea Park is great venue for races, I've run there many times!
  • does anyone know where I can find the course route?
  • Basically its three loops done round Battersea Park.
  • Battersea Park is fairly flat - good for pb's?
  • Battersea Park (my local) is flat as a pancake, guess you can expect a pretty good time - pity about the multiple laps but it is a small park after all.

    Have chosen this 10k instead:, should be a good day wondering round the TCR show if my legs hold up after the race, must remember to leave my credit cards at home!

    Good luck to everyone running this one :)
  • Hi

    Just to let you all know The PPUK Valentines Love Run in Battersea park is now full. We wont be taking any registrations on the day. Thank you to all those who have signed up and good luck with the race.

    If you have any questions regarding the race please do not hesitate to contact me

    Vici Richardson
    Event Organiser
  • Does anyone know what the worst time was last year? Is my first 10k run and I wanna know how fast I have to be to finish with the last ones and not 20 min after the last ones ;-)

  • Does anyone know what the worst time was last year? Is my first 10k run and I wanna know how fast I have to be to finish with the last ones and not 20 min after the last ones ;-)

  • Tanja

    This is only my 3rd 10k and I'm planning on doing it in 60-70 minutes. With 1000 people in the race i'm hoping i wont be the last!!

  • This will be my first 10km too. I'm hoping for 60-70 minutes also, so I doubt you'll be in last place Emma!
  • does anyone know the nearest tube station to the race start?
  • Forecast is for rain. Bring your raincoats, wellies and umbrellas!
  • Not sure what the nearest tube station is - however nearest BR station is battersea - 1 stop from Victoria BR
  • I think I went to Sloane Square last year and went across Chelsea Bridge.
  • good idea ,will do that, thanks.
  • Its looking like a wet race :( !!!
  • oh well at least its a 10k and not a half marathon! more time to get wet!
  • This is my first race ever! Do you wear the t-shirt they give you? Do you put your number on your back or front. God I am really really nervous, so I will definitely be the one at the back. Do you also run with the 5k runners or do they run separately?
  • dont worry. all info is in the race pack that came with your number. Put your number on your back. 5k starts at a different location so they don't clash. I assume you get your t shirt at the end whenyou finish so stick your number on before you leave the house, and also don't forget to put the race timiing chip onto your trainers as well, again do that in the morning before you leave, it won't come off I promise. most of all enjoy the race.
  • Putting the number on the back is very unusual. Numbers go on the front normally. This is useful if photographers are there (find your photo on the photographers website afterwards by entering your number - not possible if your number can't be seen). Also useful for any commentator at the finish line to look at your number and then know your name - "Here comes number 4167, that's Steve from Rochester." Etc. Easier for marshals to see who is an offical runner rather than a jogger in the park. Also it's easier to put them on the front.

    Anyone any idea why we've been asked to put them on the back?

    I'll probably stick mine on the front as normal.
  • As for being nervous. I was very nervous at my first race. These lean, tough looking men were talking about what times they were hoping to get - and the times seemed impossible! And I was an overweight older man who hadn't managed to run 1K non-stop (run & walk, run & walk was my method).

    But when the race started I found people ran faster than me, slower than me, and the same speed as me. Some people were experienced, but others were doing their first run. Some were older than me. Some younger. Some fatter. Some thinner.

    But the best part was that people talked to me. Runners were friendly people!

    And the sense of pleasure and achievement in crossing the finishing line was amazing!

  • not sure about the number on the back thing, it definitely said to do it in the race pack, maybe there is somethign we have missed? ie. we are all running it backwards.
  • Thanks for the help and advice. I will be easy to spot as I will have the number on differently to everyone else and will be looking petrified at the back. It does say put it on your back in the pack but everyone I have spoken to has questioned this. Perhaps we are running backwards, as you said. I know I feel as though I am quite often.
  • I just checked the pack and it does say on the back but I'm with Jimbus and putting on my front.

    This is only my second race and I'm dreading the mud. Oh, and the cold. Did I mention the rain?

    Good luck everyone.
  • O yes - the pack says put it on your back. But I just find that an odd instruction. Like Jimbus, it sounds like they want us to run round backwards.
    I'm putting mine on the normal way. I've scratched my head and can't think of a reason why I would want it on my back. I suspect someone made a mistake when writing the instructions.

    Be interesting to see who has their number on backwards tomorrow!
  • Right, I will definitely put mine on my front now too. Just one other question - what mud???
    Good luck everyone. Almost looking forward to it now..almost.
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