liverpool 10k or Chester Zoo 10k

Hi everyone.
Im newish to running but Im thinking of doing a 10k in October. Ive seen that there is a Liverpool race and the Chester Zoo 10k which are both on the same day. Im not fast (7k in 50min at the moment) and was wondering if anyone could advise me on which would be the best race for my first 10k.
Thanks Nina


  • for your first do the liverpool 10k , the crowds will help you along . but the chester zoo 10k is the better race,a bit harder but more interesting
  • You will get a good quality medal at Liverpool but just another t shirt at Chester. I agree that chester is a better course and you get can get cheap entry for the zoo for your family if you wish.
    What a shame that they clash this year. I am sure lots of runners normally run both
  • I would have run both this year and was a bit miffed when I found out that they clashed. The Chester Zoo organisers for some reason brought their race forward by 2 weeks (it had always been the last Sunday in October). I have chosen to do the Zoo 10K and I got my number through this morning and was suprised to find that as I number 101. It always full well in advance, so maybe their plan has backfired.
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