Dangerously Decaffeinated Dinosaurs

Good morning peeps :o)

Raspberry tea "with a hint of rose" sounds nice but tastes like dilute bubble bath :oS~


  • Emergency supplies of e-caffiene on their way, little dinosaur.

    That's a title that sends shivers up everyones spine - glad I'm not one of your patients today ;o)
  • Morning.

    The anticipatory smell of fruit teas always belies their thin taste - total con!

    Doing a detox V'rap?

  • 'Detox' & 'V-rap' do NOT go together!!!
  • yes I'd agree with that Siance - smell great but taste weak - I used to leave the teabag in and they still never got beyond the "dilute" stage :o(
  • Detox? Perish the thought. I like being toxic.

    Just reducing my caffeine intake a little bit, for no better reason than that I feel like it. Not given up completely, though. Velociraptors are absolutely not quitters ;o)
  • 3 weeks without a run - there's not a chance in hell I'd give up caffeine right now. Or chocolate.
  • Oh, dear, Siance :o( Is your ankle improving?

    The chocolate issue may have to be dealt with at some stage in the near future. I'm back over 100g a day, which is too much.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I tried a fruit tea once.

    Now if I fancy a hot drink that's not got caffiene in it, I have hot ribena. That's how fruit tea should taste - and as Siance says, smells like it should taste and then doesn't.

    I think I need to cut down my caffiene too. I used to get by quite happily on 3 or 4 cups a day, then a new person started in the office who just goes and makes coffee for everyone on an hourly basis.

  • Nessie your eyes must look just like your pic!!!


    Can our office borrow your coffee maker - i usually get the short straw (which means everyone only gets one cup a day!!!).

  • fruit tea... Yuk!
    Camomile & honey is OK though. Just tastes a bit herbal.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    That'd be a good idea.

    Another steaming mug has just appeared at my right elbow.
  • once an hour?

    ...is that all? :-O
  • Ditto the hot ribena. If I'm feeling virtuous I'll have hot water - no messing with your senses, it doesn't taste or smell so you're not disappointed.

    V'rap, ankle's much better thanks. Still bit swollen but at least I can wear my normal trainers - previously been wearing summer mules, looked like a deranged tourist. Hospital adivsed 6 weeks sans running, so naturally I've reduced that to 4 - going to try a very short jog next week.
  • You'll be having a caffiene IV in the other arm any minute now Bear!!
  • sounds like a good plan to me :oD
  • morning all

    just torturing myself by watching being wellied by the Aussies again :o(
  • It would have been much harder to give up coffee at work in my old place, where we had an endless supply of fresh ground coffee. But here it's instant and I have to go to the back of reception and make it myself, trying to dodge the query-book and the biscuits.

    I like vanilla rooiboos tea, but put a little bit of milk in it to make sure any supposed medicinal properties are destroyed.
  • I have a cup of coffee :o)

    And a parcel, which is very exciting even though I know it's only maps and guidebooks.
  • I think I now understand respiration :oD
  • Bear, you've only been practicing it for how many years?

    V, is that the Carpathians books? ;o)
  • It is indeed, Haggis. The order appears to have arrived complete, and very promptly, so if you're looking to splash out on some maps and stuff, that would be a good place to get them :o)
  • oly 2 hors till go off on my hols

  • Have a little bimble up Mt Kenya for me, Will :o)
  • as long as i dont have to tace anything with big teeth

  • 'S'OK, Will. I'm not going there in the next month ;o)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Have a great time Will. :o)
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