Unresolved long term hip/groin problems?

Been trying to sort for years?

Some of you here know about the problems I've been having with my hip but here's a quick refresher:

10 years, lots of useless physio/consultants
x-rays and MRI both clear

Pain is 'catching'/clicking in the front of the hip, there's weakness when I run and pain if I've been sitting in certain positions and in bed.

Well, I've come across 'labrum tears' which seem to be pretty unknown in the UK but well covered on the US site. The clinical studies conclude that 20-55% of undiagnosed hip pain is caused by these. And the average amount of specialists seen before the definitive diagnosis is reached is 3.3! That's way past a 'second opinion'.

There must be more runners out there who are suffering with these kind of stats.

"Symptoms may include clicking, transient locking, and "giving way", and objective signs may include positive hip extension, resisted straight leg raise, and reduced range of movement."

Does this sound like you? Do you have any experience of this?

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