Polar Coach HRM

OK! So I got it at a give away price as Polar were phasing out this model.

BUT the battery has now gone flat and, on sending it to an authorised service centre, I have been told that they no longer stock spare parts for this particular model and that I'd need to buy a new HRM.

It only needs a new battery for heavens sake surely somewhere in the big wide world this can be done.

Any ideas?


  • Jewelers that does watch batteries; must be worth a try.
  • Tried several but they won't touch it.
  • That's because it won't be waterproof once they do it but mine changed my battery once I reassured them that I didn't swim with it and wouldn't chase them for compensation if it got water in it. That was two years ago and no problems so far!

    If you can't find one that will do it, take it to a diving shop - they cahnge batteries in diving watches, so should be able to do a Polar one.
  • Laugh, but Debenhams Woking (and maybe a few others)

    Polar replacement battery in watch and transmitter, resealed AND pressure tested, 3 month guarantee, about 20 quid and an hour.

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