Free Mapping software for the Garmin

If you have a Garmin 201/301/205/305 you can map your runs using a free software utility called SatMap. It lets you map any of your runs after you have imported your HST from the Garmin Training Center software.
I have just added a new feature to it so that you can send your Google, Yahoo or Microsoft map or sat pic to a friend as a file attached to an email. The files are small and can be open on any browser as long as cookies are enabled.
You can find it on



  • Mick, any chance you could change the window style to something like:


    ... to give minimize and maximize buttons? It would be very handy.

    Also, in V1.3 at least, the status message always reverts to "Map loading ..." after briefly saying that it's loaded.

  • Skinny,
    Yes thats how it originally was but my code misbehaved on the minimise and I was too lazy to debug.
    If you are familiar with VC++ I could give you a copy of the source and you can fix it up.
    If not I will stir myself to dig into it.
  • Don't have Visual Studio any more I'm afraid, Mick. They took it away (along with the rest of my brain cells) when they made me a manager :-(
  • Skinny,
    Forgot your last point. Each of the map tiles are loaded separately and it keeps on loading tiles that you cannot see. I get a message from the os telling me when it is finished, trouble is it finishes loading the route and then starts on the tiles and never seems to finish completely.
    I could change that easily it to something a little more meaningfull
  • If you think you've got problems I am a CEO with the standard ten second attention span.
    Software design is my remidial therapy.
  • LOL. Don't worry about the status message. It's not important. My chaps work on software used in the pharmaceutical QA/QC business, so I tend to be a bit anal about bugs.

  • Skinny,
    Seem to have got the minimise button working ok but the maximise will take longer
    Give it a try it is stll called 1.4
  • Excellent, Mick. Of course you do realise, don't you, that adding the "remember history file" feature means that some idiot will ask that it remembers the last map source that was picked?

    The bane of the project manager -- scope creep. :-)

    Incidentally, there may be an unititialized variable somewhere, as maximize works fine, but minimize is greyed out. Or is this work in progress?
  • Most definitely a work in progress still can't get them both to work, didn't have much time to work on it today.
    You obviously speak from experience, yes add one feature and ten more pop up.
  • Have updated SatMap to support the new Garmin Training Centre export format TCX
  • I have posted a new version of SatMap
    You can, in addition, to the existing capability of being able to map your run on Google, Microsoft or Yahoo you can now export any individual run as a txt file or a csv(excel) file. It needs the exported hst or tcx file from the Garmin Training Center software.
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