Botox - for your feet?

If anyone can help with this, I would be so grateful!

I lost quite a lot of weight a couple of years ago, and one thing I noticed, was that I lost fat from my feet. More particularly, the balls of my feet.

Now, I know this is also an age thing, but I am finding it difficult to comfortably wear any shoes other than trainers. While I would quite happily wear my beloved Nikes constantly, attached to a smartish suit and 10 denier covered legs, they are rather frowned on at work.

I buy good shoes, properly fitted, but even flat shoes, after a quick stroll to M&S at lunchtime are leaving me hardly able to put up with the pain. I don't have this problem with my running shoes and can happily run with no ill effects. I have tried insoles, gel filled pads etc. all to no effect.

One of my friends mentioned that she had heard that a number of regular party going 'celebs' got botox injections in their feet to allow them to wear their 'Jimmy Choos' comfortably.

Don't know if I fancy this, but has anyone heard of this? Or suffer from this also? Or got any alternative suggestions?



  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    Botox is used for stopping excessive sweating (the muscle-freezing was a side effect!), but I'm not aware that it acts as a pain killer or that it numbs anything.

    Have you tried seeing a podiatrist? They might have some suggestions.
  • Why don't you try buying dancer's shoes? The soles are supposed to be a lot softer than normal shoes.
  • See my message earlier in the forum about Botox, I was suffering from Dystonia which caused my toes to curl up on the one foot and cramp, I had tried various drugs which helped but never really cured the problem, I had Borox injections into the muscle which seems to have done the trick, only downside is that you have to go back for regular follow up injections. Go to a good neurologist who understands that you are a runner and see what he says. Where abouts are you? I can recommend a good neurologist in the eastern area.
  • Gillian, it was encouraging to hear of your experience with this. I'm in Glasgow area, so probably not near. Like Wilkie, I wasn't aware of this type of effect with botox. Will definitely need to go and get some advice on this, as quite painful. Don't even want to wear stiletto heels! Normal shoes painfree are what I would like! Will look into the dancer's shoes thing too.
  • Having recently discovered that stimulating sensation in the bottom of my feet, particularly ball of foot directly enables glutes to work effectively I would not be inclined to do anything that reduced sensation in the bottom of my feet.

    How about trying MBT sandals? They are really easy on feet, and while not the conventionally pointy toe and spiky heel deal, they are classy enough (recognized at the very least as pricey) that you might get away with them.

    In the summer I certainly wear them with stockings when I ever have to wear a skirt. I have done so in the winter too.
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