Too far too fast?

I picked up a hip injury in December which a friend thought was due to me overdoing it. i had been running for about 6 months and was up to about a 10 miler for my long run. he reckons i should increase my long run by only 5% a time - any thoughts? also, i've just started running again (2 months off) but kept biking to keep my fitness up - where should i step back in to my running program and how do i avoid increasing my long run / weekly mileage by too much?


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    The 5% advice is very sound. Sudden increase in mileage can be the route to injury and pain.

    The hip injury, have you seen a physio?

    Biking is good ( I did lots when recovering from a couple of cracked ribs in January - after a cycle accident ) but the impact is not there. It keeps the heart going well though.

    I would say step back in at about 4 miles easy, and take it from there. Increase gently though. Perhaps aim for an Autumn half as a target, but enter it asap to make yourself achieve it.
  • Hi DJ,

    I am recovering from hip injury as well. Like you I have been doing some bike sessions on the turbo. Now that I can slowly run again I am doing the following:
    I do a session on the turbo then I go straight into a run. This way I keep the heart going and save myself the impact of a long run. I am doing 30 to 40 min on the bike then 30 to 40 min runs. I will increase 10 minutes after two weeks and then progress into one longer run ( 1h) a week without biking before. I hope it helps. Good luck
  • Listen DJ, i speak from experience when talking about 'TOO FAR TOO FAST'. Two years ago i upped my long, slow run one sunday from 13 miles to 20, yes 20 (i got lost, different story!) As a result i tore a ligament in the back of my left knee but i was fortunate that the physiotherapist i went to was really good but a knock on effect occured (see my posting about physio exercises). When i got back into training i did little 3 milers three times a week and biked three times (8 miles) with a 1 mile swim on saturday then added 1 mile per run thereafter and now i'm back to 13 mile on sunday without the same injury so take your time and most of all, dont try to be an instant athlete like i did, enjoy it!!
  • Good advice Gary. In a moment of madness last September I upped my Long Run from 6 miles to 12 more or less overnight one day. Months of knee problems followed.

    Since my return to training I'm taking it very easy with one day on and one day off and as soon as I feel a twinge I cut the run short and back off for a couple of days. Touch wood things seem to be slowly getting back to normal while my training is progressing just as well.
  • Hello guys. Your messages are very helpful to me. I've only been running 6 months or so but only in the last month have been increasing my mileage quite dramatically which may have been the mistake. I have somehow injured my right leg. I think it may be to do with a new shoe I was wearing. I'm sure its some sort of -itis of one of my muscle insertion into the tibia. But I'm so desperate to run as I've entered a race in 4 weeks time - my first 5k race. I think I was too ambitious and now I have to slow down completely. What cross training exercise can u suggest I can do in the gym. I can't swim! Help. Thanks

    Yusri xxx
  • yusri, i can relate to that (i also had not long purchased a new pair of running shoes) - i was hoping to run my first half marathon in not too much over 1 hr 30. It's a real bummer being saddled with an injury when you were hoping to be setting yourself a new distance best. thanks for all the info - i will definately stick to the 5% rule, avoiding any sudden increases in distance.
  • Thanks DJ boyd. I've heard of the 10% rule. After an injury I suppose the 5% rule is a better Idea. Its improving though this pain I've got but not tried to run at all yet.

  • I'd like to add to this even if it is an old thread.

    I had not run for about 5 years and thought I still had it in me. Ran 16m in the first week and paid the price of damaged cartlage.

    Running now, but the best advice is: do not over do it, start with low milage, only increase it when you feel good at the miles you are doing.

    If it hurts, !stop! rest and only start again when you are *fully recovered*!

    Give it time, if you train too hard you will hurt yourself.

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