Fun Run 5Km

Has anyone done this run before? I'm a beginner - can run 5k on a treadmill but this is the first race I've entered - and would like some reassurance that I'm not going to make a fool of myself!! Any feedback would be gratefully received!


  • Hi There,my first race was a fun run 5k,
    if you can run 5k on a treadmill you will be fine,even though outdoor running is harder,due to pacing yourself and the terrain.The best thing is the atmosphere of the day and this helps you get through even if you feel a little puffed.Yourll have a great time,all the best
  • Hi there i have done a few 5k's now and built myself up gradually. I recently did the 5k run in Cantley and it was fab!!! its true the atmosphere gets you going and if you dont speed ahead at the beginning you will be fine just pace it and then if you have any energy left towrds the end i always sprint off the last bit of energy near the finish line. Does anyone know if it is quite hilly or flat?
    Good luck with it.
  • Well, I did it!! 34m454s - much faster than i've ever run the distance before. Think i;m hooked now - already signed up to 2 more runs and am considering a 10km in sept! It's so true that the atmosphere DOES get you going, and the fact that there were very young children doing the run gave me a bit of confidance at the start that i wouldn't be the last person to finish!
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