sports massage in north london - any recommendations

After several injuries- and reading alot on here about sports massage- feel I may benefit. But would love a recommendation
- ideally N10/N2/N8/N6 ish - but will go further for a good recommendation



  • Hi,
    I you go on the Sports Massage Association website, you can look at the 'National Register of Sports Masseurs' and by entering your post code it will show a list of all sports masseurs who are SMA members in your area.
    I hope this helps?
  • My sports masseur is fantastic but unfortunately she's in Peckham. I think she's worth travelling for so e-mail me if you want her details.
  • Thansk both of you. I did do the SMA site and phoned 2 - both of whom no longer worked in the area!! Bad luck I guess .

    Peckham is just too far - but thansk. I have to juggle appointments round 3 very small children! But out of interest how often do you go- and is it for rehab or just general wellbeing
  • I've tried the SMA site before myself and had no luck.

    I've been to Anna-something at Ironmonger Row Baths near Old Street Station. She seems to know what she's doing.
  • At the moment I'm training for an ultra so I go every couple of weeks to keep my legs, feet and shoulders in working order. I try to go the day after my long runs (I do long runs every other week). After the ultra I'll be training for ironman so I'll keep going every few weeks.
  • I have just started using a guy called Gavin Burt who is based in NW5 (Tufnell Park). His website is I think he is recommended by the Runners Need shops as well.
  • I use a guy called Alan Brazier who is based in North Finchley - he is fantastic and I had a really bad injury and had to pull out of FLM 2 years ago. If it wasn't for him I doubt I would ever run long distances again. He works from home and is used by people at Shaftesbury Harriers, Barnet & District running clubs.

    If you need his no let me know.
  • muffin29 -yes please to the number- north finchley is very local
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