2 pairs of the same trainers


I bought some new trainers on the day Saucony launched Progrid so was entered into a competition - and I won! I've now got 2 pairs of Saucony Trigon 4 Guides. I kind of wish I'd asked for an offroad shoe as the prize now, but nevermind.

I was thinking of leaving the extra pair in their box until I wear out the other pair (should last about a year). Would it be a better idea to wear them both alternating each run though? I only run 2 or 3 days a week by the way.



  • I'd alternate, but maybe use one pair for the longer runs.

    That way one pair should be slightly fresher and when you can spot the difference between shoes, its prob time to buy another pair.
  • I do about 6 days training a week and get through pairs every 2-3 months. I´ve always got the second pair to alternate with, that way they are always "worn in".
  • Especially in the wetter months, I always alternate to give the shoes chance to properly dry out. I think that a damp shoe ages much faster than a dry one. Additionally I will normally buy a pair of shoes with an event in mind and aim to have run approx 100 miles on the shoe before the event to ensure it's nicely worn in.

  • I'd alternate with another brand that does the same job for you. This will reduce the risk of injury. Don't think that alternating the same shoe will achieve much. Sometimes I have 3 pairs in rotation.
  • I don´t know if having different brand pairs to rotate in is wise.... I mean you have to be foot perfect and personally finding one shoe that fits "You" is a difficult task, finding 2 o 3 on different brands would be impossible. I´m 90k 1m82 and doing about 70 - 80k per week.1hr 26 half and 17.40 5k so I pound my shoes. Currently I use Adidas Supernova Cushion, having used last year Saucony Triumph 3 again having 2 pairs of the same brand.

  • I use Saucony Tangent, Saconey trigon ride and nike Pegasus all of which work for me. I would propose that whilst each shoe works for me they each stress my legs in slightly different ways. This means that whatever way on pair stress my legs the worse won't be the same on the other shoes and that by rotating them I am less likely to get injured doing a high mileage.
  • mmmmm, sounds logical? but I´m not sure. it´d be like training on different surfaces, first few days would be pain and then a few days supporting the pain....then all change!

  • Surely training on different surfaces is a good idea. One of the great reasons for running off road is the variety of the terrain underfoot.
  • If I buy 2 or more pairs that are exactly the same,
    I write on them in indelible marker so I can tell one pair from another
    and keep track of the mileage of each pair.

    How sad is that?
  • alternate - it's not just drying out that is important, if you are using the second pair they will decompress between runs and give max cushioning on each run (until they wear out of course)!
  • Mike ...me too except 3-4 pairs all logged and i know what mileage I have done in each pair of shoes!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Thanks for the replies. I think I'll alternate them.

    How many miles are trainers generally supposed to be used for? I think my last pair did 400miles but the outer sole on the heel had just worn through so I should probably have changed earlier.
  • I normally use them for 800km which is approx 500 miles. Bear in mind that I weigh 90k! Mizuno are the only makers that say their technology can hold out for 1500km. That´s OTT! Also, yes I have the same problem of keeping a log, at least for the last 200k of a pair.
  • I alternate my road and off-road shoes and have 3 pairs of each as follows:

    Pair 1: under 100 miles
    Pair 2: 100-200 miles
    Pair 3: 200-300 miles
    As they're cushioned and to avoid injury, I bin them after 300 miles. Keeps me injury free, and to prove it I constantly run around 20 miles each weekend for marathon training and lots of other runs in between. Happy me!

    Agree with pitstop crew aswell, advantages to rotation are drying the buggers out and allowing them to decompress.

    Usually get bargains galore on sportsshoes.com and start fitness on the web so they don't cost too much.
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