trainers for the Grizzly

Hi everyone. I will be doing the Grizzly in March but I do not know what is the best shoes to buy as I don't often do cross country running. I wear saucony grid triumph 3 and I swear by them. I wore some off road asics a couple of years ago for the Grizzly but I did not get on with them or in any asics I ever bought for that matter. I did not know at the time how much the shoes are important because I was only running for about a year then.
The saucony grizzly approach or this type of trainers don't seem adequate to me as I never really got on with any off road shoes(bought 3 and binned 3). I don't feel that my feet fit well in this type of shoes and I never been comfortable wearing them).
I was thinking of getting some trail running shoes, some mudrocs or salomon xa pro 3D for example.
(I done it in 3h50 2 years ago and planning to do it under 3h30 this year if this info is needed) So can anyone give me their opinion on this? thanks in advance


  • sorry i just realised i got my boyfriend logging as i guess this would make a difference. So think shoes for a women ta x
  • If you are going to be on your feet for well over three hours then I would think that some of the very slimmed down fell shoes like mudrocs may not give you the support and cushioning to be comfortable.

    Basically whatever you wear is going to get very wet (and heavy) - I definitely wouldn't go for anything with goretex - let them get wet and then let the water out. Mind you it does depend on the weather on the day and beforehand - I've seen some of the faster guys do it in racing flats in a dry year!

    A decent grip i.e. studded sole would be good (some trail shoes are only really intended for things like forest tracks or canal towpaths), however you will find plenty of places where you'll be slipping about whatever your grip is like.

    BTW the course changes every year, and though some places like the bogs and Stairway to Heaven are regular features, it is not really very sensible to set time targets as in different years the course can differ by several miles in length.
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