stability shoes for the heavy runner?

Hi everyone, I'm 6ft.3 and weigh 15 stone, can anyone suggest a stability shoe that will withstand long training runs, was previously wearing 'Nike volmero' (cushoined i know) but were to soft after a few miles also causiing kne to ache. Nike air structure Triax 9 and Saconey grid hurrican 8 has been suggested? Any thoughts much appreciated.


  • I'm 6ft 4 and 98kg. Mizuno Wave Alchemy and Asics Gel Kayano both work for me. I tried various Nike, Adidas and Brooks shoes before without much success.
  • 6'3" and only 15 stone ? Well done... try Nike ACG bright yellow off roads, they have a squared grip on the sole, and are advertised as a "sticky" sole, which certainly helps on rock and very rough stony surfaces. You can hear 'em sort of click on tarmac... Ascics GEL Evolutions, altho' more motion control were recommended to me for road/pavement running, due me being 5'11" and a little over 15 stone... age was another reason so as to lessen the impact on 54 yr old knees... I'm happy with them and can still manage most things(!)
  • thanks for the tips folks
  • Go to a shop where they'll video you running on a treadmill
    with the various different shoes on
    and see which ones suit you best.
  • I am same height and weight and I use Saucony Grid Hurricane 7. Highly recommended, but I agree that it's a personal choice and you should get some expert advice from a shop.
  • brooks beast/asics kayano

  • Brooks Beast and Asics Kanyo in the same breath - aren't they quite different shoes?
  • they're no too different. one is a Stability shoe whereas the other is a motion control shoe.

    while the beast is the motion control trainer, the kayano the stability trainer, does a very similar job only to a slightly lesser extent.

    it also i believe depends on how your foot strikes the ground mine strike in a neutral manner ather than on the toe or heel, because of this the kayano is more suited to my style. if i were to strike with my heel then i would run with the beast.
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