In London? Need an osteopath?

I've been going to the British School of Osteopathy as a subject for the students there.

Would recommend it. Not only do you learn more about what they think is up with your body, it's less than £20 for a session! I even had a free one when the student had an exam.

They're a bit short of subjects at the mo' too.



  • I can second this! I went there when I was marathon training, and it's great. They also have sports specific and pregnancy clinics.

    My appointments were £16 I think.
  • I've hardly paid for any of my recent injury treatment and would recommend others try this kind of place.

    I've just come back from school of podiatry in northampton where they do free appointments and custom orthotics, and have had 4 sessions of acupuncture at the university of lincoln for £10 a go. I've been treated by third year students at both places, and all are supervised by course tutors.

    I'm especially pleased with the treatment I've had today as i was told after 4 months of injury and the last 2 months of no running that i might as well run again cos resting hadnt done me any favours!
  • UWIC in wales is good.
    glamorgan for back is good.
  • Next time I go, I'm going to have them look at other bits of my body to see what they can pick up. It's really interesting as most professionals don't tell you that much and the student has to give a full examination report with you there! Hehe.
  • TT yep I knew a Chiro Student whilst I was at Glam and they were good!
  • I went there years ago with a bad back injury and they were fab, student assesses you but doesn't give treatment without discussion with tutor, even the tutor was treating me. I really recommend this but live outside London now and have to pay £35 for a 1/2 treatment with private Osteo!
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