Bargain mp3 player

Although I have no wish to further promote the retail god that is Tesco as a service to other runners I have to mention that they currently have for sale -and lots of them seemingly- "Technika" 256mb mp3 players for £4.97. Anyone wanting a cheapo one to run with it has to be a bargain.


  • Cheers drk!! Ive been after a cheap one till I can save up for something more elaborate. Ill drag my mother there tomorrow.
  • oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • I got one of these, absolute bargain. Holds about 70-80 songs which is plenty for me. One thing I have noticed is the very small jack on the headphone lead (much smaller than my old MD Walkman) - is that normal for MP3 players or is it just this cheapo Tesco one? I was hoping to replace the supplied earphones with better quality ones.
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