Brooks Nightlife 1/2 zip Top

I am thinking of buying a Brooks Nightlife top, has anyone got one ? are they any good?Will be using it for runs up to 14 miles in dry but cold conditions.


  • I bought one a couple of months ago. Nice piled sort of fabric on the inside and very warm. I feel the cold big time, normally it does me on it's own, but on extra cold frosty days, a Helly Hanson top underneath and I have no problems.

    Teamed it up with the matching tights as well and if I say so myself, I reckon I look damned cool! An excellent buy all round, can't recommend it enough.
  • Hey Tommy, I bought one of these only a few weeks ago and have run it it at 4-5 times so far, mostly with a Lowe Alpine or Helly base layer, in temperatures of < 5 degrees (Aberdeenshire). Certainly kept me nice and warm. Today (21-Jan-07) it snowed on our 2 hour run, and I had it as a base layer. Got a bit of the old nip rub, but not too bad. It got a little damp through my crappy Ronhill Vizion, but not uncomfortably so.

    In summary, I like it an would certainly buy another (unlike the Ronhill).

  • They're gorgeous. I was going to buy one yesterday, but the shop didn't have my size :o(

    I have lots of the Brrooks Nightlife stuff and it's very good.
  • I have one had it when it first came out and it is fab keep ypu really warm on freezing cold days.
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  • Thanks everyone, sounds like a good buy, have found one on line for £33.50 including p&p.
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