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Hi there,

I qualified for the Championship start with 2.42 last year and sent my entry in before heading off to Australia to watch England capitulate in the Ashes. I still have not received any confirmation as to whether the FLM has (a) received my entry or (b) accepted me.

Has anybody else out there received confirmation that they are in or am I worrying about nothing?


  • Hi
    I sent my championship entry off in october and recieved confirmation in november. I did not get a you are in magazine like i did last year
  • Hi Mark,

    I included a stamped address envelope with my for as normally they just post this back to confirm they have received it. This year, the SAE didn't get returned, so I just called them on the number on the FLM website. They checked (based on my running number) and they said they had my form. Be worth just giving them a call to put your mind at rest.
  • Silly question, but how do I know my running number?
  • Hi everyone!

    I need some advice. I run the FLM 2005, the Championship race, but I dropped out halfway due to an injury. I was also injured last year. But I remember I read somewhere that if you qualify for the championship race you have a guaranteed place in the next two years. Is it right? What do i do to get my number for the 2007 race.

    Will run VMLM 2017 for Starlight Children Foundation
    From Seville, Spain.
    P.B: 2:29:12
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    I would think you're too late for 2007 Paco. Try ringing the organisers, though - the number is on their website.
  • Mark, your number was on your form, but I'm sure they'd find your form from your name as well.
  • Cool, I'll give them a call and find out.

    Watch this space.
  • Just called them. All our entries are at teh data processing house, so they can let me know in a couple of weeks. I will have to keep my fingers crossed.
  • Anybody received their number yet? I still haven't.
  • Yes I got a slip back confirming they had received my entry. On the top is a printed code number, the last 3 digits of which are your actual race number. It doesn't say `this is your number' but it could well be there if you look.
  • Barnsleyrunner - when did you receive this?
  • Mark I had a word with them a few weeks back and they said we'd hear in March but they confirmed I was on the list. I didn't receive the confirmation letter so maybe it got lost in the post.

    BR - good to see you're up for this again!
  • Good news (for me) - just gave them a call and I am in ;o)
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