Ouch! My flippin' foot

I fell while out training on Thursday and now I'm sitting with my foot on the printer shelf adorned in a fetching blue plaster!

I'm told that once the pain allows I can weightbear, in fact it's advisable for me to walk on it to promote circulation and healing.

I have a place in the Rome Marathon on the 18th March. I've not yet written it off, but I really need to be doing something to try to keep my CV fitness up. Any good advice?

I did think of getting a turbo trainer for when I can cycle - what to you think of this?

I've had 4 days off now and am feeling restless, but still in a bit of pain so I can't go doing toooooo much for a couple of days yet.


  • Oh poor you.

    Well you'll probably only be out of plaster at the end of Feb I think - so thats not long to get training in for Rome. How many miles were your long runs up to ?

    You wont be able to turbo until you are out of plaster as your foot wont fit on the pedals.

    I think you need to rest up and see what its like when the plaster is off. I would consider joining a gym for rehab or similar so you can use the skier, stepper, bikes, pool all without impact. You'll be able to do those before you can run - so the CV fitness will be back soon enough.
  • hop??

  • Thanks Cougie!

    My last long run was just under 18 miles. I do belong to a gym, but I would have liked to have something at home more for convenience than anything else. I am now the proud owner of a waterproof cover that'll allow me to swim for 20 minutes. So, it'll be the crosstrainer and swimming then.

    Meldy I'm getting quite proficient on these crutches - so I may well 'hop' over to Bucks and show you the business end of my plastercast!!!! ;0)
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