Salvage from the damaged Devon Ship

This sort of thing seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people, or is it OK?


  • No, that be thieving!
  • The law is quite clear. It is stealing.

    Additionally the numbers of people on the beach are impeding the efforts to get recovery equipment working.

    And opening up containers, which allows the contents to start washing out? Don't get me started!
  • The law says that you can salvage the stuff but you have to register that you've taken it, in case the owner wants it back. So if you don't register then you're stealing. It's a simple as that.

    Of course by breaking open the containers and spreading debris all over the beach they're making the clean-up operation much harder and more expensive so morally I think they're wrong.
  • It's OK with the permission of the ship owners.
  • I thought it was hilarious people piling onto the beach nicking motorbikes and huge barrels of wine. Even funnier though was the police handing out forms for them to fill in instead of just arresting them :-)

    It is theft though.
  • Yes I agree. Some folk however seem to think that it is their right to hurry down to the beach in the dead of night and go off with a load of BMW parts.
  • MB, the problem the police have is that the people have 28 days to register that they've taken the stuff so they can't arrest them on the spot.
  • Fair game.

    That's how marmalade was invented.
  • No I know, it's just crap that they're forced to stand like lemons handing out forms. I suspect the bikes will be tricky to keep though, surely they can go straight onto a stolen vehicle register.
  • There is a difference to finding Jetsam washed up on a beach, and visiting a recent wreck site. If something is lost overboard at seqa, and later washes up on a beach, then the 28 days to report to the Receiver of Wrecks applies.

    This lot has washed off the ship during the salvage operation and is clearly still with the wreck, it is properly part of that operation and not lost.

    If a container washes up 10 miles away, and you are the first to find it then call the police and register your interest fast. That is salvage. But don't open it up. It is worth more and is more salvageable sealed.
  • They've got to be absolutely nuts to go down there considering all the noxious stuff that was on board that ship. As JJF says they're not only getting in the way of the clear-up (and possibly making things worse) but they're putting themselves at risk. Altho' quite frankly they get what they deserve.
  • "surely they can go straight onto a stolen vehicle register"

    Nope! keys in ignition, full paperwork(I like this bit) in FULL WATERPROOF document bag and a tank full of petrol.

    they have yet to be registered with the DVLA. So they are just stolen parts that happen to make a bike.
  • Shoot the chavs!!
  • What about chassis numbers? Do they have those on bikes?

    Wonder if the people down on that beach left their front doors open they'd mind me having a poke around their houses?
  • Don't think so MB.
    They would not have UK reg plates at this stage and assume that VIN numbers would not be recored on the dispatch sheets.

    Oh and the thick ones selling on EBAY.

    "stock is from shipwreck"
  • If BMW decide that they want the bikes back then it's very simple to check VIN numbers with the DVLA and find them, once they've been registered.
  • I think BMW have already sais they dont want them back, they will claim of the shipping co's insurers who will then assume title to the goods and they may want them back, dont think that they would actually have much salvage value so little benefit to the insurers other than stopping the chavs having them for free.

    The only way of tracing them will be when someone comes to register the vehicle at DVLA, however, if they are down on abeach nicking stuff very unlikely their going to register and insure the bikes. i suspect a lot of cloned BMW bike registration plates will appear.
  • Stealing. If you have an accident carrying your new TV into your house and leave it on the footpath while you go to get a plaster is it OK if I nick it.
  • Dont know what all the fuss is about! Its all insured..
  • "Dont know what all the fuss is about! Its all insured."

    I'll remind you about that when you complain because your house/car insurance has gone up because the insurance companies have had to pay out on the stolen stuff.
  • The VIN is a worldwide registration number and if it is registered anywhere it should flag up as to where it came from. But it could assume the identity of written off bike or end up as parts.
  • Not sure it is all insured and the excess payable by some companies will be substantial, all of which is then passed onto future customers, as is the increased insurance.

    If each containe has £100,000.00 worth of goods inside and there are 1000 containers on board then this is a considerable sum that will have to be recouped by the insurers and manufacturers. I know not all have been lost but with the listing and salvage operation most of the goods wil not sell for full market value. The likely cost of this accident (not including the environmental issues) is Millions all of which will be passed onto us in one way or another.
  • Had to laugh yesterday. Interview with the person in charge of the salvage/rescue operation was asked by a "Today" presenter "what if the ship sinks?"
    his reply was that it already has.
  • It's not just company goods that are in these containers though, there are some which are being transported for individuals containing all their household goods/furniture and personal items. Imagine how they must be feeling if their stuff has been rifled through and/or stolen, especially stuff of sentimental value.

    I think these eejits are all thieving lowlife!
  • Agree Stumpy. It must be obvious if you have opened up someones personal possessions. Actually at that point the safest thing is to take the lot of the beach and keep it safe for them.

    It does look like a giant rubbish dump now which it wouldn't have done. Indeed more environmental damage from the looters than the initial accident.

    Interesting that almost every part you could want for a BMW is on that beach (including an electric steering wheel - whatever that is !) but no spare indicators.

    I guess there is just no call for BMW indicators :-)
  • Where does the money coem from that pays for insurance?

    Obviously we pay our premiums, and some of that money is used to pay immediate claims. The rest is comes from investment capital from investors who expect a share of the profits the insurance companies make. One of the biggest sources of this investment is our pension funds. When insurers pay out big time we are by a double whammy: our premiums go up, and our pensions go down.

    Victimless crime? I don't think so.

  • Oh, and lol the BMW indicators!
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