Was it always this quiet at night

At times it seems so quiet on here


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Yeah , Friday night , I used to have a life.
    Then I had children.
  • I'm here, in fact I have just done a run!

    I am at work until 3am and have just done a run on the treadmill at work in my lunch break.
  • S'pose it doesn't help being the middle of summer - better weather - lighter nights / BBQs etc ?

    But the old forum did seem more alive / trafficked
  • It's even quieter Saturday evening...

    (Daisy howling to the moon, mourning the end of summer, the passing of her youth,the emptiness of her wine glass...)
  • And as for Sunday morning...
  • I have noticed that it gets a bit dead in the week days too! Some people must have better things to do (NOT ME!!!)
  • Seems like there are so many threads that, by the time I've caught up with them all, I can't think of anything to actually post. Although in posting this I've just contradicted myself.

    Hm, maybe more posting and less thinking.
  • Quite NeilRuns,

    follow Jons example
  • Lol :o)

    Very rude Bk but I'm sure you meant it in a caring way.
    I find Jon's contribution to these forums elevating in the extreme (or is that ennervating?...)
  • Jon....contribution???

    Surely not in the same sentence???
  • DD - no it wasn't meant in a particularly caring way. The young whippersnapper needs a good slap wit a ruler. Jon will be chuffed to know he 'elevates you'

  • I'm up still (again) night shift (again)

    Haven't had a chance o do any running sine GSR on sunday - far too busy at work and far too tired whilst not at work, must make some effort tomorrow!!
  • You looked very smart in your new running shirt at the GSR Homer. Hopefully a lot more of us will have them at Windsor. Don't worry I'm sure walking the beat is very good exercise
  • If it's the same Blunkett we had it won't be actually walking- it'll involve piles mpre paper and a growing sense of ' for ****
    sake let me get on with the job!'
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