Giant OCR 4

Have found a nice road bike i would like, i am in no way a triathlete however, it would be for fitness and see how i get on, maybe a sprint tri if i get fit enough, i have found one for £250 on what do you think?


  • You pay for what you get, TFB. it'll be more than adequate. Giant make good bikes, just a question of what its specced with.
  • From what I can gather the OCR range all use the same frame. It's highly regarded.

    The 4 is the base model but if you get into it you could upgrade the mechanicals as they wear out.

    It will be great but don't expect it to end there. There will always be something to waste your dosh on!
  • Yeah, it will probs have a random selections of cheaper kit from the Shimano parts bin, no reason you can't upgrade stuff.
  • I have an OCR 2 and have enjoyed many miles of both traing and racing, it has been a great bike and has never let me down. However, mine was fitted with Compag not Shimano so not as easy to upgrade. Have a new race bike now, but I still use the OCR for training!
  • Flying Barrell - fit is more important than anything else so you are best going to your local bike shop and getting some personal advice.
    As Huge says you tend to get what you pay for in terms of quality, but the highest quality with the wrong geometry won;t give you the best ride.

    BB - There is no reason why you can't upgrade Campag as easily as Shimano, it's just mixing the 2 won't work very well.
  • Lindi - I looked into it and it was going to be expensive to Upgrade to Shimano due to the two not being compatible. Anyway, new bikes are much cheaper over here in the U.S. than they are in the U.K. so I went with that option instead. Needless to say, I still spent more than I can afford :-)
  • I meant that you can upgrade campag to better campag just as easily as Shimano to better shimano.

    Going shimano to campag isn't necesarily an upgrade, they are just different systems. Many roadies will tell you that campag is better, although campag bar end shifters are a bit troublesome!

  • Campag are better for my little hands.
  • My campag bar end shifters always stick... they are pants!
  • Hi Flying Barrel,
    I've got an OCR2 which aparently has the same frame and I'm more than happy with it. Very comfortable and stable. The only upgrade that I have made so far is to fit a better set of tyres.
  • It's a decent bike. The only thing to be aware of is that it has a double chainset which means it will not be as easy to get up the hills as a tripple chainset - may be an improtant factor if you are new to cycling. The OCR 3 comes with a tripple.
  • that bike will deffo get you started, I have an OCR1 that has done me for a few years.

    Incidently I just got a new bike via Dale Cycles myself, they were very helpful and the bike arrived quickly to Ireland.

    I wouldn't be worried about the double chainset unless you live in a very hilly area.
  • thanks guys, well its arrived, and living in cornwall i do have a few hills, hope this wont be a problem!! does anyone know where i can get cheap pedals and shoe sets and turbo trainers, 2nd hand would be fine, tried ebay but not much on.
  • get a copy of cycling plus for the ads there is usually a lot of offers. wiggle is good and has 20% off at the moment for orders over 100. i just got a new set of pedals and shoes there...
  • Cheap everything-to-do-with-bikes

    I have an OCR and my last bike was an OCR. Have always been happy with them, though I will probably change brand next time just for some variety.
  • Meldy has an OCR2 (same frame as the OCR4) but I don't think it has anything to do with how crap a cyclist she is ;-)
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