Best Log Book...

Am looking for a good log book to log runs, swims, cycles, gym classes and anything else I end up doing.

Prefer paper to computer as I spend large chunks of the day managing data on a computer and don't always fancy it of an evening.

Needs to be highly flexible due to the variety of activities I want to record.

I've checked out various websites e.g. Wiggle but they never show you the inside page of the log books.....

Any suggestions gratefully received


  • why not use Excel to make up your own then you can set it up as you want to.
    print it out and use a ring binder to store it
    That way it will be exactly what you want
  • I have had many logs and my favorite is My excel spreedsheet and a A4 diary a page per day i can log details of my running my foot how I am feeling my shoes my hr my BP peak flow you name goes in there.
    £10.00 from WHS.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • The total runners log from WHsmith online. I love it. I can record any activity I do.
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