Garmin 305 which training method do you use?

I have just bought myself a lovely forerunner 305 after a long time of saving my pennies.

Advice please on which of the 3 training methods/software you all use.

Do you use the Garmin training centre, Training peaks or Motion based.

I know its all personal preference but I'm sure one will be the best.



  • I use the Garmin Training Center and then use the agent to upload to Motionbased to export to Google Earth. I find I can do everything I need in the Training Center.

    I'm not too sure about which is best for everyone but I would use the GTC all the time. For instance I divide up my training so it looks like:

    - January
    -My Trainers - Nike
    Then I can see how much milage each pair of running shoes gets and how many miles I'm doing in a month / year.

    Hope that helps.
  • Training centre & SportTracks
    Motionbased is good if you want to share stuff on the web.
  • sporttracks is very very very good
  • Yep, forgot to say that. It is.
  • Is there a mac os x version?
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Training center and Ultimate for me
  • Thanks everyone I had my first run with it tonight 11.86km same route as I checked on google earth and gave exact same distance. What a cool piece of kit.

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