• BeansBeans ✭✭✭
    brilliant - love the cyclists!
  • or if you couldn't swim!
  • I think that's possibly the most evil thing I've seen and the world is getting to be a very cruel place.

    [pads off to buy Emergency Armbands]
  • Some of those look rather 'set-up' to me.

    But if that happened to me out on a morning run I'd be SOOO p*ssed off I'd rant & rave until someone offered me some compensation!
  • Oh I know this clip without even looking at it. I think the whole thing is a set up. Nobody seems that bothered or panicky about falling into a pit of water.
  • Am i the only one who can see that that is a complete con. Its obvious its set up the way they all seem to actually JUMP in!
  • Thanks wayne for cheering me up on an otherwise sh!t day!!! Excellent!!!
    Even if it is a set-up!

    I suppose I wouldnt be very happy if it happened to me. And I have a cross country race on Sunday. Oh dear.......
  • <ahem>
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