What bugs you....

1.People who ask a question and never come back to reply to the posts they get

2. Threads like this one....


  • people who takes things way too seriously
  • People who write a paragraph, when a sentence will do.
  • People who dominate the discussion or hi-jack it by moving it away from what was originally being discussed...

  • Yeah, I know what you mean DV - I find that Big Brother does the same thing, Jade was clearly a sacrifical lamb led to the slaughter.

  • Is this a post-modernist analysis of the state of our threads? Or just a good whinge?
  • Bit of both really, Mouse
  • Does Mouse have any other nice ass pics?
  • are you asying mouse has got two asses
  • people who cant spell ( like me)
  • The antediluvian design of the RW forum is a pain. If you use any other forums, e.g. ones powered by vBulletin, you'll know where i'm coming from. Here are a few particular niggles:

    - No smilies in messages
    - No facility to post images in messages
    - Having to code links yourself instead of just clicking a button and pasting the link
    - No "ignore" facility
    - No seeing who's online/offline at the moment
    - No post counts
    - No "buddy" lists
    - No signatures

    Any i've missed?
  • yet you still come here Y-S??? so it must be doing something right...........
  • People who moan about websites!
  • people with only one ass
  • or people with two asses, maybe....
  • Indecisive people...!
  • I think....
  • People who e-mail me about my ass.

    Yes it is my ass.

    Yes I do have other photos of it.

    If anyone's mailed me about my ass today then you haven't actually said who you are.

    If you see what I mean.

    I suppose I should just get rid of my ass if it's such a problem.

    But then I'd have nothing to sit on.
  • I like your ass, Mouse. For me, it's one of the positive aspects of the forum ;-)
  • If only you would post a picture of your ass as your avatar Lyra, my life would be complete.


  • I have a pic of Lyra's ass, who wants to see it?
  • ME!!!

  • Are you coveting my ass? Isn't there something in the Bible about that? ;-)
  • Who wants to see Coops ass?
  • Can I see it Lyra? I can't see it from where I am as my neck doesn't twist that far.
  • It's on my old phone, so no. You'll have to look in a mirror the way I do every night. And day. ;-)
  • I saw Lee Cooper's ass at the weekend. Coops has a lot to beat, let me tell you!!

  • Get pics, Mouse?!

    I remember what bugs me about the forum - it's the way Coops and Mouse always make every thread about sex. Lol!
  • LOL - it's on your old phone!! Anyone will think you are actually serious!
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