What bugs you....



  • Oh, maybe you are.....
  • No, I deleted it. (Giggle!)
  • Bloody cheek! (see what I did there........)
  • No issue with your ass mouse... just that different pics of it from different angles mihgt just be a nice touch! :-)
  • Coops and I make every thread about sex???




    (and I do have other pics Chief - I have a special Santa one for Xmas)
  • Mouse, are you doing the naked calendar? I think you could be requested to take part.
  • Snotty replies when you're only trying to be helpful.
  • Ok, Coops makes every thread about sex. I'm the innocent party here, after all, I'm still flummoxed by what dry bumming is.
  • But we'd never see her face - just a bare ass... lol (can I see the santa one? please)
  • No Lyra.

    My ass looks better covered. Why would I want to destroy the illusion that I am actually quite sexy by letting people see what I really look like?

    It's bad enough when I meet them with my clothes ON!
  • No I don't. I hate sex. it's dirty.
  • Wouldn't know Coops, I've not tried it.

    I don't believe that for a second, Mouse.
  • "People who dominate the discussion or hi-jack it by moving it away from what was originally being discussed..."

    Oh well, I'm sure they won't mind.

  • It's only dirty if you're doing it right....
  • Yeah, what was the original question again Huge? ;-)

    Mind you, what to do when the thread goes quiet and no one's joining in? I don't really know what standard forum courtesy should be in these situations...

  • Something about what bugs you about the forum.Dunno, is there any courtesy these days? Don't get me started...
  • Oops.

    Departs thread.
  • On the forum, or in 'real life', Huge? In both, I think there is. If you'd like to hear more of my wonderful opinions, you'll have to start a thread ;-)
  • Oh, okay, I've got an afternoon to kill. see you shortly then! TTFN
  • Tschuss und ciao!
  • This is great! Just got back from swimmng and all this to enjoy.....!
    (N.B. Require new life)
  • Did my best for you, Jiggi! ;-)
  • What bugs me about this forum? The fact that it doesnt matter how busy I am I always find myself drawn back here to see what people are talking about and that my OH never comes home when I am out bringing peace and serenity to my client base or when clients come to my home for a massage or when I am dog walking, cleaning, ironing etc etc etc, he always walks through the door when I am scrolling through this site :o( So unfair
  • Oh so true, EP!
  • EP:Mrs H thinks I'm sharking a new bird if it's any consolation.
  • ha! sharking? never heard that one before....
  • ha! sharking? never heard that one before....
  • EP - likewise. I have to sneak a few mins whilst he reads the boys a story or nips out to buy me somemore wine..
  • Huge...who is this new bird you're um.....sharking?
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