Root Canal

I'm off down the road in a min to get a root filling.

Kinda wishing i'd coughed up for a Dental Insurance Plan now...

Wish me luck.



  • Ouch - good luck
  • Poor you - good luck - hope it's not as bad as it sounds
  • am going through one at the mo - had the initial ream out done - now waiting for part 2 - the final fill and then a crown.......

    piece of pish

    get on with it ya wuss
  • I've just had one.
    £1400. That's what I need the anaesthetic for.
  • Thank Cthulhu for that! She decided against a root filling, and instead just raked out the temporary dressing and refilled it with plain old amalgam.

    £1400 quid MF!?! - i'd have told 'em to just pull it out and be done with it! I was warned that a root filling would be in the region of £200 - is your Dentist in Harley St maybe?

  • is this root canal part of british waterways network???:0) anyone for boating
  • Good Luck!
    i've had root canal surgery twice. pain was worse than childbirth!
    But i had a friend who had it done more recently and didn't feel a thing, so you never know!
  • I'd prefer the Crinan Canal to a Root Canal anyday!
  • Sorry to hear that Kathy - thought wimmin had a higher pain threshold on the whole?
  • Perhaps a higher pain threshold on the hole?


  • Oh ha ha ha ha ha ...excuse me whilst my sides split with uncontrollable trembling from my belly laugh!

  • Hope it went OK. I've had 2 and no real problems - now my physiotherapist really fills me with terror!!
  • Root Canal treatment is the worst thing I have ever endured and that includes Coops jokes

    but then again ... mine didnt go according to the manual, apparently according to my 'dentist' I was'nt in need of any anaesthetic
  • No anaesthetic! Now that's what I call hardcore!
  • and he completed the job

    apart from going to the hospital for 3 hours to have all his work 'rectified' I have never been back to a dentist since and will need some convincing, I wasnt the the most confident of patient before hand let alone now
  • Well, I guess that's what I paid the £1400 for then.
    The guy was a really good root-canal specialist
    and there was no pain at all at any stage.
  • Hmmm, Buddhist dentitstry. You have to transcend dental medication....

    I'll get my coat.
  • Was this a "back street" dentist (complete with Black and Decker drill and Mole Grips)?
  • nope

    good old NHS


    yes, I think it was!
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