Coops - You 'aving a larf!!

Gretna hot-shot signs for The Cobblers until the end of the season. I know a team in your division that was looking for a striker, but didn't fancy this one even though he's only 10 miles away. It will be interesting to see how he copes playing in England. Discuss!!


  • He bangs them in for them though so can't write him off. Interesting to see how he copes......
  • Certainly will be.

    Was there any footy tonight? I haven't seen any results yet.
  • Kenny Deuchar is crap imo.

    No pace.

    He was ok for Scottish Division Two standard but has struggled this season at the higher level.

    Don't get me wrong I hope he is a success for you, but I will be surprised.

  • Hail Hail

    Dude is correct-a-mundo. Lower league stuff and he's pretty decent, but up against anybody with a remote amount of quality, and he's in the shade. Good having a doctor on the team though.
  • Maybe he thinks he'll cope better in English League 1 than in the SPL next season.

    Incidentally guys, what's the view of the big teams in Scotland on the meteoric rise of Gretna. Methinks they could come unstuck next season, especially if their benefactor loses interest and stops pumping large amounts of money into the club.
  • As a fan of one of the big teams in Scotland - Cowdenbeath, I think Gretna might turn into a bit of a yo yo club between SPL and Div 1 up to the point the money runs out and then they'll probably start dropping again.

    Currently they're too good for most if not all of the 29 clubs below them and might hold their own with the likes of St Mirren, Motherwell and ICT but could take a beating from the top few teams.

    Good luck to the Doctor with the Cobblers
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Symes - I think you are right in that they will be up and down between the 2 leagues - especially as their better players will get poached as bigger teams take notice of them.

    But I'll thank you not to diss the mighty Caley, who have beaten Rangers, Hibs and only just got beaten by Celtic at the weekend. ;o)
  • Gretna are the next Livvy.

    And that's no compliment :)
  • Nessie - apologies, although are there any teams that haven't beaten Rangers?! Looked a lucky scrambled winner for them horribly late on Sunday too. Hoep we get them, if we can get past QoS on Saturday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    LOL Dude.

    Fair point about Rangers, Symes. Even Dunfermline beat them in the cup. Might be harder next time round, now that Paul League One has gone.

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