worksop 1/2

could any one who ran worksop 1/2 last year let me know what it was like


  • sean
    i'm the race organiser the course is undulating it starts uphill goes into clumber park a national trust site very scenic all the race is on road and finishs down hill for last mile
  • I've run the race a few times and even achieved my half marathon PB there!

    Nigel is right - it's very scenic; also very well organised + the finishers' t-shirt is always good quality. Good atmosphere too and always well attended.

    The 'down hill for the last mile' is fun and can lead to some furious battles between clubs!
  • Nigel I have applied for this one.

    When will numbers & race info be sent out ?

  • Got my race no. today - no. 18 !!!

    That answers the question .... anyone else going to be at Worksop on 27th October ??
  • is there a entry form i can download or do i need to send for one
  • Cheques payable to: Worksop Harriers
    On-the-day entry: Yes
    Entries in advance: Yes
    Postal closing date: Saturday 19 October 2002

    See race details in events section of this site:

    Contact: N Dawber
    Address: 73 Vessey Road
    S81 7RJ

  • e-mail me on
    i will send an entry
  • Ran it for the first time in 2000 and it's one of my favorites. A gorgeous course through Clumber Park. Entered again this year.
  • Nigel,

    do you have a map of the course at all just so I can try bits out prior to the race date ??

    I know there are some hills around Worksop so I want to know when to expect 'em (I lived in Worksop for 6 years)!

    Cheers mate - ps was anyone on this thread at Clumber park on 29th Sept ... I enjoyed that 10k even though I found it heavy going at times !

  • aluaka
    start at bottom of Sparken Hill this is where you go up but u come back down it
    through Trumens Lodge
    try out Limetree Ave as you cover most of this
    also the hill near the lake
    and Windmill Lane
    tired yet
  • Oh no - the hill near the lake is not the one at 5km on the Clumber park 10k - I hated it !!
  • How do I get my money back from the Worksop Half Marathon fee ??

    I've changed my mind !!!!

    (Joke) !!

    Your t-shirts had better be good !!!
  • yes it is the hill near the lake
    and the t shirts are good and will have your name on the back
  • I've put a "pre-race preview" on my own webpage:

    Please pay it a visit.
  • Where would 1:45ish put me - all sounds a bit serious this one!!!
  • Well if you are aiming for 1:45 then you are faster than me !!!

    I'd be very, very pleased with that .... if you fancy being a pacer for me give me a shout - I need pacing !

    Have you done it before Richard ???

    What is your usual Half Marathon time ?
  • Only once - last Sunday at GNR...although once before in training - think I could have probably done faster had it not been for nuns, panto horses, fairies and 47,000 other people! Problem is I've just discovered I won't be in the country on the 27th!!!
  • richard
    dont worry entries to date stand at 810 not including the fun run
    1hr 45 will put you in amongst some good runners last year this would have put u in the top 300 finishers
  • aluaka
    nice homepage
  • Pleased to see that there are other 1.45ers. I anticipate being somewhere around that time, although a hip problem is slowing me down at present. I think 1.45 at GNR is good Richard. I'm sure I ran more like 15 miles last year dodging in & out of all the fancy dress lot. Will look out for yoy Aluaka.
  • It's either Worksop or Leicester - like the sound of worksop - but training partner from work is doing Leicester - unless I talk him into worksop.

    Going to have a crack at 1:30 - my best and only previous is 1:36ish in Notts which is fairly flat - I take it WOrksop is going to be quite a bit tougher but I would be happy to trade a bit of time for scenery! - how would it compare to Leicester?

    I'm going to try and be a bit more systematic in training for this one - although I've got no hope of following the RW training schedule which looks a bit too demanding for me - probably try for one long training run (10-13 miles), one hour steady run, and then a couple of other sessions which might be easy recovery runs or hill/interval/cross country/fartlek/cycling stuff as the mood takes me per week.

  • Nigel: Thanks for the feedback

    Llama man: What no. are you ?? I can watch out for you as well then. Are you a club runner ??
  • Please note no more postal entries accepted
    closing date19th October 2002
    To date 1000 entries for the half
    you can enter on the day 27/10/02
    10.30 start
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