Snorers rule OK!

One of my work colleagues is getting married next year, having lived with his partner for few years. Unfortunately she is a chronic snorer.

Despite wearing ear plugs there are some occasions when the noise is that bad he has to sleep in the spare room, maybe once or twice a month.

Not a problem, one would think!

She has just informed him that this is unnacceptable and there's no way she's marrying someone who insists on sleeping in the spare room.

I thought he was joking...but maybe she's right!


  • I've just come out of a similar relationship 3 weeks ago. Sometimes even the ear plugs didn't work. She wasn't overweight she just had a problem. When she complained I played her back the sound of her snoring on my mobile that I'd taped the night before. She saw the Dr but no respite for me!
  • I am confused. If its been acceptable for the last couple of years why does it change when she gets a ring on her finger?
    My OH snores, I just push his shoulder, he turns over and peace is restored for a few more hours.
    The dog snoring is another story, thats a real pain in the butt cos even when she is downstairs you can still hear her :o(
  • She's the one with the bloody problem!!!

    She should sort it if she wants to get married!!!
  • 'scuse mw for butting in but.....

    whats her problem if its only once or twice a month? not to mention that its been ok for the last few years??

    I'm with GordonR here!
  • Sounds like a feeble excuse to me. She's probably met someone else. He's had a lucky escape because it's not going to get better, and who wants to sleep with earplugs in for the rest of their life?
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