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Hello everyone,
Went out last night and only had two brandy and cokes (Diet, of course!), then drank water for the rest of the evening!!. I ate a lot of bread yesterday for some reason so I feel a bit bloated today! Not going to run today as I don't want to tire myself out for the Flora Light 5K tomorrow morning. Might just go for a brisk walk later, when it's not so hot out! Hope you're all doing well and good luck to all of you who are also doing the Hyde Park race tomorrow morning.
Michelle x


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Very restrained Michelle! Carbs do make you feel like blubber-woman don't they! Don't worry, you'll soon run them off and you'll be reporting a record weight loss next week.. Have a good one.
  • Thanks Susie. I'm going to be good today! But I think I'll have some pasta this evening for dinner - might even persuade the Mr. to take me out somewhere - I'll tell him that I can't cook as I need to conserve all my energy for the race..!!! By the way, I love that little kitten picture of yours - talking of cats, the Mr. has just had to climb over two gardens to retrieve one of our very naughty Siamese cats!! - He's not very happy.....!
    Michelle x
  • Morning Michelle and Redhead. I stepped on the scales this morning even though I'm not supposed to weigh myself until Monday but you know how it is... Anyway, I'm 8.13 so that's 1lb gone since Monday - I didn't lose any last week so it's nice to finally get soooo close to my goal - 3 lb to go!!

    Good luck tomorrow in the Flora Race Michelle - maybe I'll see you there. Spoke to a friend down my running club who is marshalling and apparently there are almost 30,000 now running - I thought there was a limit at 20,000. Not sure how true this is but if it is true then it may be awful if we don't get somewhere near the front and I have no idea how it's possible to achieve this. I normally never wear my running club vest for these sorts of events in case I look too serious and feel embarrassed that I should be running faster - anyway, I'm tempted to wear it tomorrow in the hope that I'll look like the sort of person who has some business standing near the front at a race - it always seems so presumptious to me and I generally start very near the back in most races. Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

    Am thinking about Cath a lot too at the moment. You are an inspirational person Cath - good luck on Monday if I don't have chance to post before then.

    - 1lb this week and minus over a stone and a half now from when I started weighing myself - it's more than that otherwise. :)

  • Good Luck to everyone running a race this weekend. Having a rest day today but will be out tomorrow getting use to running the great outdoors :)
    Was kinda good yesterday, went to the pub and drank diet coke but then had a chinese!!Will have to do some extra K's tomorrow to work it off.
    Have a good weekend everyone.
  • Can I join in?

    I lost 4 stone in 2000/01 and now don't let myself go above 10.03. Anyway, this morning the scales read exactly that so I must be careful and loose a few to stop the awful cycle ever happening again.
  • Good luck with your race, Michelle. Does bread always make you bloated? If so, it might be worth trying gluten-free cereals in place of wheat products sometimes (these needn't be the fancy expensive things you see in the health food shops - cornflakes, porridge and rice crispies will do, or rice/buckwheat/millet/quinoa instead of pasta).

    I've been in Welsh Wales all week. Beautiful place, but all those anagrams on the road signs were rather irritating. I don't think my ice-cream and chocolate consumption was excessive, and the grotty little local shop catered to us grockles by selling gorgeous mangoes. I shall venture on the scales tomorrow.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Running Muppet -- aww thanks sweetie. I've stopped with the "dieting" thing - not that I was because I always eat healthily anyway but I've lost a drastic amount of weight this week. Last Monday when I weighed I was 12st 12 - I'm down to 12st 7 today and that was with my trainers on!! Oh and I'm not running fast at all now - I'm trying to be maintainence girl so I'm down to 5m/hr :) Also I was pulled out of the Corporate Cup - the boss wouldn't let me entertain even walking let alone running so I've been banned from the race :) Nevermind. I'll do it next year though :)
  • That was last Monday as in the Bank Holiday one!!! So only 5 days ago.
  • Hi all,
    Well done Running Muppet - you are so near your target now! Good luck for tomorrow too!
    V-Rap - yes, I do always feel bloated after eating bread and I will definitely give the gluten-free a try, so thanks for that.
    Cath - been reading/replying to your postings on the General page. Keep your strength up and know that you are in my thoughts.
    Thanks to you all for your good luck messages for tomorrow. I haven't run since last Saturday, so goodness knows how I'm going to do!! Still, it's the taking part that matters..(she says, unconvincingly..) Going to eat some stamina-building food now!
    Michelle x
  • I let myself down today ... (almost normal). Just flakes & juice for brekkie, a 5k run, then whizzing around doing what I dont do all week... so after the shopping trip with the wee madam we went for chinese, though I did have boiled rice !!! breast chicken too !!! no fatty bits for me.
    Have you ever tried to buy a 13 year old a decent pair of trainers ? not the fancy trendy one's with 3 shiny stripes and no support. Oh no , apparently posh spice has these ones ... it is only sporty spice with the boring old asics ... am I ranting again ?...
    Anyway, 10k race tomorrow... I'm away to eat my punnet of strawberries and big bag of grapes ... and I got the immodium in the bag already !!!
  • LOL Daisy....
    Good luck for tomorrow everyone.
    I am now taking my tired body to bed after running 9 miles today!!!! my biggest long run ever. feeling like a real runner.
    Managed not to eat chocolate muffin today. I am really looking forward to when I have lost this extra 4stone (oh yes!!!) so I can waft around like a feather.
    Off to dream of Soozie tripping downcountry lane like a fairy in lycra
  • keswick1uk - hello and welcome. Losing 4 stone is incredible - you must feel so different. Have you been running long?

    V-Rap - where in Wales did you go? I spent my honeymoon camping and climbing/walking in the hills there - Dol-gethlie (I cannot remember how you spell it) and Better-sea-cowed (ditto on the spelling)

    Michelle - I'm about to eat my tea of pasta and chicken to fuel me for tomorrow cooked lovingly by Mr RM :)

    Daisy Duke - good luck in your 10k. Am just about to buy mini RM's first walking shoes next week. I'm sure it will seem like no time before she is doing a Kevin on me. It's so funny and scary hearing yours, V-Raps and other parents of teenagers stories...
  • RM, enjoy your shoe shopping. I seem to remember it being great fun buying the first few pairs of shoes. No worrying about school regulations or whether the sprat could do up the laces unaided, just trying on everything Clarks had in the appropriate size (never a wide selection in our case because we've notched up 3 "H" fittings and one "E") then letting the little'un choose the ones he/she liked best.

    We stayed in a nasty little Gorbals-style house (last-minute bookers can't be choosers) in the more easily pronounceable Harlech, and we've promised Kevin that we'll lease her best friend's family's near-mansion at Rhoscolyn for a week next August.

    Daisy, YES! My Kevin isn't 13 yet, but trainer shopping...ouch! Had serious shoe-shop wars a few weeks ago when Ivor (8) decided he wanted flashing trainers like his little sisters and the shoe shop had none that fitted. And after several episodes of Kevin either refusing to go trainer-shopping or refusing to try anything on because she didn't want me to throw out her old Pokemon trainers despite them being two sizes too small and stinking like skunks (don't worry, you probably won't experience that - as well as pitted keratolysis of her feet which she won't take erythromycin for because the last time she took it she had diarrhoea, Kevin has Asperger syndrome and hates things being changed), the problem was solved when one of the resident social workers at her school handed down a nearly-new pair to her. They're really just fashion trainers, but at least they fit her. And don't smell - yet.

    Best wishes for your 10K today.

    Keswick1uk, welcome. I'm always happy to welcome new members into the not-really-overweight-BUT branch of the Fat Club.
  • Okay, I had an Indian takeaway last night - after all my hard work. But the theory was to replace some of the lost-too-quickly- weight so I could get back on track :) Anyway, I'm back to healthy eating now. Listen you girls would laugh, the Mr has appointed himself personal trainer and chef!!

    Me: I think I'll go to the gym today.
    Him: Oh good I was going to ask whether you're going. (He goes off to work 2 hours later I get a call).
    Him: Have you been to the gym..?
    Me: Not yet.
    Him When are you going then..?
    Me: I'll go in a little while.
    Him: Make sure you do.

    So I decides to go to ASDA shopping (with all the running around we ran out of food)
    Me: I'm going to ASDA, do you want anything in particular..?
    Him: Yes, loads of fruit and veg
    Me: *frown* But you don't like fruit and veg.
    Him: No I don't, but you do and besides, it's healthy - vitamins and minerals, to help you fight the cancer.
    Me: Oh, I see. Any particular types I should get then.
    Him: All of them, then we can't go wrong.
    Me: Even stuff I don't like..?
    Him: Yes, even that.
    Needless to say I come home with what I normally buy and a punnett of nectarines to appease him :)
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