Robin Hood Half

Has anybody received their race numbers yet? I'm still waiting and it's only two weeks to go.


  • nah, haven't got mine either, :-(

  • LK / MM
    On experian website ( the following has been added
    • 22/8/2002 Race Guide published online
    All entrants to the races will be sent a copy of the race pack by post, with their race number. At the latest, we will post these out on Friday 30th August, although we will try to send them out before then. Please allow a week for the pack to arrive.
    The race pack is also published online, and is available to look through now.

    hope this helps

  • Thanks Rainman, I'll check their website out. I was beginning to get a bit worried.

    I'm looking forward to the race. I'm wondering how many men in green tights I'm going to see ;)
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