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Hello Everyone

I am training for this years FLM. I ran my first 10miler on Sunday and had pain in both hips on the last mile. Does anyone know what this could be - is it a lack of stretching and,if so,what stretches are best? I don't wantto have to pull out of the race - I had to save my place last year because of a car accident and I had whiplash. If I don't do the race this year I will have lost the place altogether.Do you think I could just have dodgy hips which are unsuitable for marathon running? Please could someone give me their valuable advice.


  • What was the length of your long run prior to that and when did you run it?

    However it could well be your running style and/or your shoes? When did you get them, from which shop, did they stick you on a threadmill and analyse your running style?

    I reckon there is not enough cushioning in your shoes either from wear and tear or because they are not the correct type.
  • could be ITB (pretty unlucky to get in both hips at the same time), or hip flexor tightness/weakness.

    Both of these have stetches/exercises for sorting them out.

    almost impossible to diagnose on here, so I'd get to a physio pronto and they should be able to tell you.
  • Stylish,
    I've nothad these shoes long, not run 100 miles in them and, yes, I've been on a treadmill to test them.
    Ooh, I hope its not ITB - if it IS tightness, what kind of stretches should I be doing?
    JohnnyJ, Yes, I think I do need a physio, have any of you people had such a thing?

    Thanks for replying to me, I'm really greatful.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Caitlin, as JJ says it could be a variety of things. I sometimes get a similar pain because I have a misaligned pelvis. I visit a chiropractor and she manipulates my spine so I'm pain and discomfort free for 4-6 weeks at a time.
  • Caitlin,
    Where abouts in your hip is the pain. Is it the outside of your hip? Is it across the top of your legs or is it more round in your backside? Does it feel uncomfortable if you lie on your side?

    You can't actually stretch the ITB as this is a tendon not a muscle but you have to stretch the muscles around the ITB. This will include quads, hamstrings, glutes. The Tensa Fascia Latae (TFL) is the muscle that attaches directly to the ITB. If you cross your left leg behind your right and push your hip out to the left you should feel a stretch on the left side of your hip - hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side.

    To stretch your hip flexors (these are quite often short in runners) go down on one knee (so the shin is parallel to the floor). The other leg is bent with the back of the thigh parallel to the floor. Push your hip forward so that you feel a stretch across the top of the thigh on the side that you are kneeling. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side.

    Are you doing any core stability work or any strengthening work?
  • Steady Edwina

    I've just started to do Body Pump classes at the gym,i.e. weight training. I also try to do some ab work at home, sit ups and the plank and bridge - not got far with those at the minute. The pain in my hips woke me up last week on the night I had done the long run. The pain is more towards the front of my hips but, oddly, it does travel to the back. Last Monday I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, especially when I got up from my desk at work. I work in I.T so have quite a sedenty job. I have been doing the hip flexor stretch you describe.

    I am dreading having to pay for physio, it could run expensive and I'm a single young mum on a budget.

    Thanks for replying.
  • Sometimes it can be quite hard to pinpoint the source of hip pain. It could be a possible number of things.

    See if your GP will refer you to a physio but it might be best to take a few days off and rest.
  • The pelvis is subjected to a lot of forces in runners. Hence pelvic pain is so common. Piriformis is often cited but this is the effect of all the other muscles and joints not doing there job effectively. A physio assessment is vital in identifing contributory factors and to advise on exercises/drills to correct any deficinecies. it is a long, ongoing process, which improves gradually with time.
  • Yes,I think I need to invest in going to a physio - I so want to do this marathon, I can't save the place for another year!

    I have only done three short runs since the 10miler a week last Sunday and not had any pain since, trouble is, I should have done a 12 mile run this last Sunday - next week the schedule sayes 14 miles!

    I haven't booked anywhere to stay in London yet, maybe I should wait a few more weeks.
  • Caitlin, I have noted your earlier posting. Physios are available on the NHS. See your GP and ask for a referral. Tell him/her thatyou want to run the FLM and if possible to expedite an appointment. If you are on a budget please use the NHS, that's what it is for!


    There is every possibility that with the right advise you cuould get back on track and take part in the marathon.

    Good luck
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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