Supernova cushion

Dear all, I have a brand new pair of 9.5 Supernova cushions. They are too narrow for me and are looking for a new home! Let me know...


  • I know what you mean about narrow. I've just bought a pair to break-in in time for the FLM. They're killing my little toes, but I can't take them back as the left one is bloodstained from a burst blister. I'm currently having to tape up my little toes every time I run, it's the leather strip around the edge that's doing it, I think. I'm using the trusty Saucony's for the long week-end run, and unless these Supernova Cushions get more comfortable I will be ditching them for anything over 8 miles.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    cant you take them back, mark?
  • SN are really narrow in the foot box. GRRRRRRRRR Adidas - make them like the control!!!! The control is wider at the front and fits more like the Response does. Probably won't buy SN Cush again. :-( Otherwise I really love them,
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