Can anyone link me to a periodisation table for a 12 week training schedule?


  • Thats a long time to have PMT innit?
  • I thought "periodisation" was what George Bush called it when his missus had the painters in.
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    Have you looked on this site?

    Otherwise, The Complete Guide to Endurance Training has a lot on periodisation in it.
  • Its a 10k not the bliddy MDS ya furry litter picker :-D
  • cheers for the constructive replies. The ones that arene so constructive should go for a run to work off some of their corny reponses!
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    That book covers 10k...... grrr.
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    They're blokes, Veronica.....
  • cheers ma dears. will look out for it!
  • I've got a 10K problem that isn't listed in the Q&A article, and wondered if anyone could help me out. I've got endurance (3:50 for the New Forest Marathon), but not speed, yet whenever I try any form of speed training I end up injured? Any ideas?

    With no training I ran 48min for 10K, which was my first ever race. Having now decided the last 5 miles of pain in the marathon aren't worth repeating I would love to get my 10K time down to (eventually) sub 40min. I can run as often as I like as far as I like with no problem, but as soon as I stick an interval session it to my schedule I start picking up injuries
  • What sort of speedwork are you attempting?
  • I've been trying to follow the 8-week, 6days per week, 10K schedule:

    It is the intervals down for Tuesdays that caused my problems, and similar sessions caused me an injury during my marathon training last summer.
  • You are probably weak.  You need strength training and stretching.  It's all very well developing your muscles by running, but it takes longer to refine your tendons and ligaments.  You also need to assess your running technique - i.e. where are you putting adverse strain on your body and how to correct this?  Many athletes require a trainer to hone in on developing their self awareness of body position in space (proprioception).  Also, equipment has to be right for you, shoes fit and give appropriate support for your distance.  Not forgetting diet, hydration and stretch recovery.  

    Sounds crazy but ballerina exercises are amazing for strengthening ankles.  Standing on tip toes on one foot for as long as you can until your ankle is strong enough not to wobble while supporting your whole weight.  Also, horse riding is great for stretching achilles - get those heels down while strengthening your knee ligaments through the fixation of your thigh and lower leg against the horse which in turn gives you incredibly strong muscles and excellent balance.  

    Difficult to advise specicifically as you've not mentioned where you're getting your injuries.  Try to make sure when you run, your stride flows as a continunous motion from one stride to the next to prevent any jarring.  This again may require input from a trainer.  There is nothing like a trained eye who can offer you the smallest bit of advice that makes the biggest difference.  

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