Anybody been skiing Alpe D'huez

Hubby has booked a week in chalet accommodation for the first week in March. I'm desperate to keep the training up and need access to a tready and wondered if anybody has been here and whether there is a municipal leisure centre where one can use a tready?

All advice greatly appreciated ;-)


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Wolfy - long time no see!

    (Sorry, can't help with the tready, just thought I'd say hello)
  • Hello Nessie! How are you doing?? I haven't been on here for ages but thought I'd come and ask for help!

  • I theeenk FF has been Wolfums ?

    Theres an ice rink there and a swimming pool, and bobsleigh thing, and nice Italian restaurant that does the best Carbonara and Beer and a huuuge plate of chips.... mmmmmm. We had just ridden up it though so deserved the blowout !
  • Hi cougs! The Italian restaurant and beer sound good and even the chips!!! I'll get on to FF now! Thanks :-)
  • YES!

    As it happens, I came back from there a few weeks ago. There is indeed a municipal leisure centre amd it has a very nice modern gym, which is free to use with your ski pass. It has two treadmills (instructions in French but I just about managed to get my head round words like 'vitesse'!) and you might have to entertain yourself on a bike for a few minutes if they're busy. Nice view overlooking the lower part of town and one of the ski lifts.

    One strange thing - the showers (men's, anyway) are in a completely different part of the building from the lockers! Not that I'm insinuating anything about the locals' washing habits but I did think this was a bit, er, odd.

    Quite a few other activities going on there as well. The French are dead keen on le pingpong, and there's an indoor climbing wall. Nice.

    It's a good resort. Big ski area, and hopefully you'll have better conditions than we had, i.e.

    (a) If it's not too windy, the lift up to the glacier will be open - by far the best skiing conditions, and
    (b) Some of the skiing is lower than the resort (still a reasonable altitude) and because of the mild weather, we had everything - slush, ice, rocks, grass, you name it. But if the weather's improved and it's got a bit colder, it will be excellent.

    Any other queries, let me know.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm doing great Wolfy. Got married in October, still training for marafuns, still forumming when I should be w*king. :o)
  • Philpub....if you were next to me know I'd give you a right smacker on the lips!!!! Whooo hoooo! How chuffed am I??

    Sorry got a bit excited but cannot face a week without a run no matter how much people tell me I'll be exhausted!

    Sounds like you had a good time there and I'm hoping that we will too. This is our first skiing trip so fingers crossed that I come back injury free!

    Thanks for your help ;-)
  • Congrat Nessie!!! When's your next marafun??? I've missed being on here ;-)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lochaber - same day as FLM. And Loch Ness again in October.

    Shades keeps trying to entice me Dahn Sarf for a marathon - one of these days I'll surprise her.
  • first skiing trip eh wolfums??

    be afraid Alpe d'Huez, very afraid.............

    not skied there in many a long year - the place itself is pretty soulless but the skiing's great - not that you'll see much of it on your 1st week.....

    take analgesics and muscle rub as believe me, you'll need them.........and be prepared to be very frustrated for a few days............

    and - you're very lucky to have treddies in a French resort as they don't go in for them in the main - have been to many a French resort and no treddies in the sports centres........very odd

  • She hasn't been on to me yet you know. Still, I'd tell her a load of rubbish anyway.

    Agree with FB. Excellent skiing and some great beginners runs right down to the resort centre. There are so parp inducing black runs higher up as well.
  • I went to Alp d'Huez many, many years ago.

    That was before I ran, so wasn't looking for treadmills, but I do remember there being an outdoor heated swimming pool.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, congrats Nessie - I didn't know!

    Hi Wolfy as well! Long time no see!

    Oh, and hello everyone else - don't want to leave anyone out!

    I don't know anything about Alp D'Huez but thought I'd hijack the thread (sorry!!!!!) ask if anyone know anything about La Thuile? After thinking that we wouldn't be able to go boarding this year cos of work :-(((( we've suddenly managed to bribe our employers to give us a week off and are now looking to book someone for three week's time!

    La Thuile looks good but if anyone knows anything about it or can recommend anywhere else (quietish resort with extensive ski area, pref with good off piste - we don't want much do we?) I'd be v. grateful.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  • hi Lizzy

    yes - I've skied La Thuile a couple of times - day trips over from La Rosiere on the French side............

    it's OK but maybe not the gnarliest of resorts if you want off-piste - there is some but all depends on snow conditions. nice is you like Italian food! is quiet(ish) but can be full of posing Italians from Turin and Milan just there for the sun.........

    if you're a good to serious boarder there are better places..........

    Courmayer is better on the Italian side - not as quiet but fine with some good off-piste of the conditions are good + a day in Chamonix included in the pass (get bus through the Mt B tunnel)

    but of you want quiet, loads of off piste, great for boarding go for St Foy (pronounced Fois). Small resort close to Tignes with an excellent off-piste reputation - and a new lift this year I think. Don;t think you can do much worse than that.

    mail me if you want some other ideas - not many places I haven't skied in the French Alps or Pyrenees..........
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Cheers FB, that's really useful. gotta book it today...!
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