Painful hip

I have had a sore hip for a couple of months which is sore after a run. It seems inflammed across the right hip bone. This seems to extend into the right buttock becoming quite tight and painful. I have had 3/4 sports massages but have had no release from this. Any ideas suggestions


  • You poor thing :o(

    Do you remember doing anything just before it came on (changed shoes, terrain...etc)? What makes it better and worse? Is it there all the time or just after you've had a run? Did the sports massage therapist give you any ideas as to what they thought it was?
  • You might want to try a good physio.

    I had a similar problem and went to a physio. He took a look at me, ignored my hip completely and started work on my spine. After three weeks my hip pain had gone. (He also gave me some back stretches to do)
  • I have had a lower back injurt where I was completeley locked up and couldn't run. This pain masked my hip pain once the lower back was less painful i could feel the hip soreness. I am in the process of building mu miles up for thFlora marathon and wonder if I might be better to suspend my place . I would prefer a treatm,ent that allowed me to recover and run(Wouldn't we all)
  • That sounds similar to me, I hurt my back first too.

    The bad back sorted itself out pretty quickly but from then on I had the pain in my hip. I probably waited about four months before I finally admitted that my hip was not going to get better on it's own.

    My first conversation with the physio went something like this:
    "What type of training do you do?"
    "Lot's of running, cycling and swimming"
    "This problem would go away if you stopped running and cycling for a few weeks, but I guess that isn’t going to happen is it?"

    So I didn't have to stop training at all. You just need to find a sympathetic physio. You could always start a thread saying what area you live in and ask if anyone can recommend someone in that area.
  • Kryten

    Sounds like I have the same as what you did. Whta treatment did your phsio give you?

    Help anyone I live in the Hornchurch area.Know of any good phsios?
  • He assessed me by getting me to lean to the side, squat, touch my toes, etc. Then he basically just massaged the muscles around my spine and also gave me some stretches to do at home. He didn't touch my hip at all. The treatment wasn’t painful.
  • Okay thanks I'll pass that on to my sport therapists when I see him
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