stress fractures

Have been told by my consultant that if (not diagnosed as yet) i have a sf I could still run the mararthon (I am raising money for charity)I might otherwise have tibia fasciitis.
Can this be true?


  • which marathon? when? which stress fracture?
  • london, april, tibia or fibula (not known)
  • Hmmm - that's going to be touch and go I think. You'll probably be recovered by then, but the training in the meantime will be your problem - basically a stress fracture will only heal with rest and you're looking at most of the 10 weeks until FLM until you're comfortable, especially if it's your tibia which is the load-bearing one.

    So - yes, you probably will be able to run in London, but not as well as if you didn't have it and could train fully.

    My advice - book another marathon for may/june, take all pressure off yourself, enjoy London and use it as a long training run. Then go for the later one more seriously.

    Best of luck Amanda
  • Thanks for the advice. I have more or less decided to defer to next year if I get diagnosed with the fracture. I want to enjoy the run!
    I am hoping for a lesser diagnosis of tibia fasciitis and then I will definitely run.
  • i have just entered my first marathon the white peak marathon on 19th may. I am currently running around about 35 miles a week. Is this enough of what i should be attempting my first marathon. I ran 20miles yesterday in about 2 hours 40.
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