Freezing Legs!!!

I am open to suggestions for a really warm winter tight!! Have looked at the Ron Hill aspiration winter tight and the Mizuno winter tight as I dont want to spend too much!!

Im fed up of wearing 2 pairs of tights and still getting a cold lower bottom and thighs!!

Is it worth toughing it out till they start selling off the winter stuff??


  • Get some basic RonHills, theyre pretty thick, certainly warm enough for me and you can get them from around a tenner off most of the sites listed on here.

    If you are still cold, then perhaps a cheap pair of cycling short length shorts under these would do?

    If you live near a Decathlon store they also have cheap (but good) running gear
  • i think a cold bottom and thighs is just what happens

    if you put too many clothes on then you get too hot when you start running

    although i may try the cycling shorts underneath option tomorrow as i know what you mean

  • ...i could have prob done with that approach today lurker - went out and it was ok..had thinish leggings on...cue rain, and gusty wind=cold me. Cursed myself for not putting RonHills on!
  • I've been wearing RonHill Tracksters for training in recent zero and sub zero temperatures and found them OK. Needed gloves and hat too so perhaps having a warm head made me feel warmer all over? I tend to find I warm up after a couple of miles. Legs tingled when I showered afterwards though!
  • Jenna, what about wearing some fitted cycling style shorts / boxers under your leggings? Like these
  • Thanks for the tips.... cant do boxer style shorts.... they create a wedgie that is too big to bear!!

    Will have to go and try on a pair of ron hill's!! The price certainly fits even if my bottom doesnt!!
  • I must have legs of stone then coz I'm still running in shorts.
  • My Concurve tights are really good - very fleecy inside. I got them from Pete Bland sports, they're on sale. The sizes are pretty large though.

    You could also try some embrocation to keep your muscles warm (like deep heat).
  • I can share a life-changing secret with you - cold legs can be a thing of the past!

    For years I have run in the mountains near the Cairngorms and in the winter  after most runs when I came home, if my legs weren't actually numb then they were bright red and sore.

    Last Christmas my lovely hubby gave me Mountain Equipment Powerstretch tights. Bless him!  I now look forward to taking on the elements.  I could say that Ileap and bound gracefully across the hills like a gazelle in tights but alas, no.  I still gasp and wheeze and question my sanity but now it's with a warm bum and legs.  I've run recently in a blizzard in these and they are the business.

     Incidentally, he bought me Sealskinz waterproof gloves and a Montane extreme lightweight jacket too and they have made such a difference.  The only problem now with winter running is me!

    Hope this helps, even though it's a bit late ... 

  • Funny how people are different. I hate running with anything on my legs, so wear shorts in all weather (proper ones as well, not lycra). Never really have a problem with them being too cold, even when I've run through knee deep snow.

    However, my hands will be in absolute agony even in pretty mild conditions. In fact if I don't wear gloves, my whole arm can "freeze" when I get back so I can't get my kit off for about 10 mins or more.

  • Life would be awfully dull if we were all the same, wouldn't it?

    I really don't envy the frozen arm scenario....

  • I agree with exciled, I too cannot wear anything on legs, after 2 miles Im all heated up to normal, if i wear ronhills im way to hot and uncomfortable at the end of the run.image

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