Doctorly advice needed!

Okay - had a baby six weeks ago, (she's lovely!) and suffered a 3rd degree tear as a result. I've not done anything exercise wise but walking about 3 miles so far.

The tear has healed well, and I've had very little pain from it. The GP checked me over this morning and said it was healing well - but in the effort to get my knickers back on and get out the door, I forgot to ask whether it would be safe to start running again (I have a need to get rid of the 'jelly-belly')

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


  • Loz
    I am no expert

    but if you can walk 3 miles, then i am sure you could start run walking now, as long as you listen to your body

    are you breast feeding
  • Congrats! Enjoy!

    Can you sit ok? I recall finding this a stiffer test than being able to walk. What happens if you jump up and down? That I also remember as difficult. If it feels bruised still, or if you leak, you might want to wait a while longer.

    If you are feeding, a really good bra, and perhaps the strategy of running after a feed will probably help.

    Good luck!
  • Unfortunately I wasn't able to breastfeed, as I didn't get any milk, so this isn't really an issue. (weirdly, my friend had a baby four weeks later, also had a 3rd degree tear, and she also hasn't got any milk - not sure if it's coincidence or not!)

    Thanks for the advice - I may just try run walking this weekend, when hubby is around, as the doctor ferreting around has made it a bit sore! I can sit fine and walking around doesn't give me any problems, so I'll start very carefully and see how I go.
  • ferreting


    oh, i feel all queasy now Loz;)_

    Get back out there luv-you know you want to
  • Watch your iron levels, with all that tearing you probably lost a wee drop and may need to top up the iron before you get too serious
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