Not a Curry night.

Anyone fancy going to My old Dutch
(Between holborn and tottenham court road)
next tuesday ( pancake day).-


  • Sounds good!
  • Can't go because don't work in London anymore and don't live near enough - but would recommend this place as it is brilliant
  • As much as I love pancakes might have to pass this time - can't afford too many trips up to town now I'm not earning!!
  • kazz, I'll toss one over in my pan for you:0)))))) (restricted to non earners only).
  • I'm interested. I love pancakes. Close to work too.

  • I fancy it - but having to be a bit careful with money. Got some big expenses coming up in the next month or too as well
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Ooooooh I love My Old Dutch. I'll have to think about it, again cos of money constraints. The Princess Louise opposite is a great pub too.
  • boing...

    come on people, its Pancakes on Pancake day.- gotta be a good plan :0)
  • erm, erm, I think my OH may be planning on cooking me pancakes that day....
  • Sorry, I don't know yet whether I can or not, I'm waiting to hear back from someone.
  • Ok.- Not looking like many people can make it.-
    If I can get a table, me alex, argos and maybe 1 or 2 non-forumites will be going anyway.- so if any one is still interested, let me know.

  • I am, I am!

    Please could you let me know the time so I can see if a swimble can be fitted in?
  • Toria.- I've just rung and they won't take bookings.- They're expecting Queues to be out the door.- Let's knock this on the head and have a Not Pancake Day not a curry night when people have more cash and enthusiasm.
  • Probably a good plan. I'm not a fan of queuing. And I think the swimbling should be coming first if I'm going to continue eating as much as I am currently!

    See you Friday?
  • yep- planning to be there :-)
  • yep- planning to be there :-)
  • As it turns out, I'm booked now. See you all on Friday, though. And thanks, Lindy, for thinking of this one.
  • See you on Friday!
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