the World Masters Athletics in Riccione in Sept

cealceal ✭✭✭
I am at present training for FLM.

thus, finding it quite difficult to get my head around planning races for Sept.

I would like to go out the World Masters Athletics in Riccione, Italy in Sept. It is a good opportunity to experience this Championship on one's doorstep, so to speak.

Is there anybody else out there considering entering?


  • Ah, ceal. Yes possibly. I've been wondering whether to go or not. I think Sodahead, from Daily training is thinking of going, and at one point NZChris was also thinking about it but she is now decided to do the New York Marathon instead.

    My main reluctance is about not knowing anyone there, though lots of people have said it is really friendly, and also I'll almost certainly know a few people (well, one at least) from our local Vets T&F league.

    Which event(s) are you thinking about ? I'd do the marathon as my main event, but as it is on the last day I'd probably do either the XC race or 5k before as a sharpener, and maybe throw something (either discus or hammer) as well, as the throws are particularly sociable, with everyone sitting around between throws.

    But I haven't really decided. I was going to wait till at least see how I did at FLM.
  • I'm also toying with the idea of going. I'd be doing the walks.

    I'd try and make a family holiday of it and take my kids. Otherwise I can't see the management allowing me a pass!

    Have you sen the dates of British masters, right in the middle of the school holidays!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Pizza Man
    Luckily, I don't have to worry about school hols.

    I can't decide on which distances to do. Either the 5000 and 10000 or just the 5000, I would like to have done 1500 but they are over 3 days, with heats etc.

    I, like you, will probably run London first and see if I come out of that without an injury. How negative is that:-((

    My husband may come with me, I only want to spend a week there, a weekend would have suited me best!!!! But 5000 is on a Friday then 10000 the following Thursday. My other event 1500 is over 3 days and doesn't really fit in well.

    There are the fights to sort out, not so bad, but then the accommodation is another matter altogether. On the BMAF link thee is a company who does the accommodation and saying that they have pickup coaches and buses to the various stadiums. I do like to choose my own accommodation, but how does one know if it is near a stadium and how one would get there when one doesn't speak the language. I follow a gluten free diet, not ideal in Italy with all the pasta and bread!

    Oh dear, I have ranted on a bit!!!

    I still think we would be fools to miss going. There may never be another cheap opportunity.
  • My reason from waiting till FLM is to see if I feel that my time/position justifies my going. I'd want to do at least sub 3:20/ top 15 in my age-group.

    If I do go, unless I was arranging it with someone else, I'd do the whole think thro BMAF, as half the fun would be being part of a group. Otherwise I think I'd want to camp, and possibly even drive down there (thinks, I wonder if I could persuade a Italo (??)-phile friend to come with me...)As for the food, that's the main reason for going to Italy IMO.

    You're right about the opportnity tho.
  • Treadmill from daily training has gone the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
  • BR, how about Brilly going too ?
  • Has been discussed.

    1. Might clash with BMAF New Forest training.

    2. Can you lend us £2k?:-))
  • World Masters might be an alternative to British Masters for this year ?
  • Are you offering sponsorship then?:-)

    Seriously we would love to go - what date is the marathon and how hot would it be?
  • Date: 15th Sept

    Temp: average max for 15th Sept : 24 deg

    doesn't say what time of day, but unliley to be mid afternoon, so proablbly much cooler than 24deg; average min = 14 deg
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