Haggis is on the move...

I've just been offered a job in Central London and will be moving fairly quickly.

I know everyone will have their own favourite areas, but I'd appreciated it if the Londoners on here could tell me which areas to AVOID!!

I'm not too bothered whether I'm north or south of the river...



  • This will open a can of worms - we're strangely parochial about which areas we consider OK and not!

    I'm a south of the river girl myself - from 'our side' I'd avoid Peckham like the plague - also Streatham and most bits south of Tooting Bec Common.
    North of the rive, avoid Hackney and Dalston - there are probably some dodgy bits up further north in London but as I never go anywhere near there I don't want to make a guess:-)

    Its also worth remembering that you don't necessarily have to be on a tube line as long as there is a decent overground rail connection. Can actually be quicker and easier journey into town that way.

    Good luck!
  • LOL Plum - here's me recommending basically the opposite to you!

    Told you Haggis:-)
  • No advice Haggis, but well done on the new job!
  • It is quicker for me to run to work than try to get there clinging to the roof of a SE train, when there is room on the roof of course !!!
  • Haggis where will you actually be working? and how long are you prepared to travel - because an hours train/tube journey might make life more pleasant living in the suburbs

    cos that's where Plum lives and house prices have plummetted ever since he's been there...

  • LOL FB, not worried about house prices, only renting, not buying...

    Grendel, working close to BT tower, up to an hours travel OK, wouldn't really want more than that.
  • I've lived in both north and south London and I thank God that I left the place for the wide open spaces of Yorkshire 12 years ago.

    If you want somewhere with good links to central London you could try Kensal Rise/Kensal Green in north london. Close to teh motorway, canal and it is a short run to Hampstead Heath. I lived there for a couple of years and rather liked it (for London).
  • Actually it depends which part of SE London. I leve in Elephant & Castle region and you have some of the best transport links as well as being within walking distance of Westminster (and Blackfriars for the RW social) for the rest of London - if you don't mind the odd drive by shooting that is.
  • Trouble is Taxi Drivers won't go south of the River -

    There is great running around Hampstead Heath - not called the home of Cross Country for nothing - and a lunchtime running community in the parks and along the canals
  • Forgot to add though when I worked in that area I lived in Shoeburyness which is 2 hours away - on the Essex Coast - but if you are prepared to travel in would definitely look at the suburbs of North/East or West London the tube network around the Tottenham Court Road area is quite extensive - good luck though wherever you go.
  • If you want to keep the journey down to under an hour then you really need to cut down the number of interchanges. That's what I find takes the time.
  • I live 30 miles from London, yet get to work in the same time (or less) as people who live within London.

    London is expensive and polluted, and the 'nicer' bits are even more expensive and polluted by Chelsea Tractors.

    You can live in the country for less money, less travelling time, and have really nice places to run.

    Don't believe everything you hear about Essex - there are some lovely bits :-)

    (of course, the things you've heard about Essex girls are mostly true.......but I'm not an Essex girl)
  • I live just into Kent on the borders of SE London, about 13 miles from central London, and we're surrounded by lovely countryside and woodland for running in.
    Journey to work in the city takes just over 20 mins, on a generally non-crowded train (pretty much always get a seat). I think Plum must just live in a daft place!

    All the 'nice' bits of London that are on the tube network are ridiculously expensive to live in. But if you want to be in the thick of things, and are happy to compromise on space, then living in central London is fun. But it does cost a lot - and also costs in terms of peace, quiet etc. And as various people have mentioned about, you can end up with a long commute between different parts of the centre!

    Where you're going to be working sounds as if you'd possibly be better off looking at north london (otherwise you'll have a tube journey from the mainline station which you definitely want to avoid)
    And north london is where my local knowledge runs out:-)

  • I'm moving to Essex.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Depends upon your budget to an extent. You'll get more for your money if you go SE London & if you pick a place like Hither Green then you'll have a couple of lines which get you into London Bridge in 10 mins, which isn't that far from that area on the Northern line.

    Definitely stay away from anywhere where the Plumstead Runners hang around though....
  • North London avoid Harlsden

    I live out towards Wembley and can be into work (Westminster/Embankment) in about 40mins by getting an overland service into Marlybone.

    One thing to watch is some overland services are sporadic if there is a tube line near

  • Oh and avoid anywhere on the Piccadily line it seems to suffer from lots and lots and lots of delays which just feck it up!

    You probably also don't want to much further out than zone 5 and an Oyster travelcard is the cheapest way to get around on the tube, buses, trams etc
  • Many thanks for all your valuable advice, however having been offered another job locally, which is just as challenging, I have decided to turn down the London position...
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    You'll still have to come to a London social though.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    If only to give me tips on getting job offers!
  • Womble, think the tip is to go for jobs you feel are beyond you!
  • In my case that's most of them! ;oP
  • piffle
  • Kazz, stop it! Believe in yourself, you're not daft by any means!
  • Great news, Haggis :o) You may be a long, long way away, but at least you've got hills up there!
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