Running Clubs City London/Islington

I am very new to running (I did RFL last July in Regents Park) and am interested in joining a club in Islington/Hackney/City of London if possible (one that's beginner friendly, I don't run very fast).


  • Start here

    Most allow you to turn up to see what they are like - though email first telling them your current form as it may be best to turn up on a certain day.

    London Heathside or Victoria Park harriers may be good.
  • How about Monrington Chasers

    In Kentish Town:

    Talacre Community Sports Centre
    Dalby Street (off Prince of Wales Road)
    Kentish Town
    NW5 3AF
  • The info you give points towards Victoria Park Harriers:

    I'm a Serpie and Hackney based, but if you live and work on the East side of town Viccy Park is easier to get to. And you probably get to run in the beginner friendly Viccy Park - dead flat!

    Do join a club - it's a great help and good fun.
    This from someone who is generally none clubbable.
  • Hi Caroline, If you're interested in runs in the City then is free and we meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We do a set 6k route along the river (over Tower Bridge and back over Millenium. Let me know if you want more details. Tim


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