Winter Wear

I have to admit to being a fair weather runner but this is about to end! But, what do you wear out running at this time of year? Do you go out in shorts and t shirt and warm up while running, or do you put on 3 layers and take them off as you warm up?


  • winter?

    its nearly spring fer goodness sake :-)
  • I'm a bigger wimp than I thought
  • Shorts, long sleeve ron hill viloft top, and gloves for the really cold start to the run, but take them off after about 2 miles.
  • NGL - You take your shorts off after 2 miles?!
  • mmmm, no wimp in my books.....atm I'm wearing running tights, t-shirt base layer, and long sleeved top, gloves, buffy. Just right at the moment in this just wear what you feel comfortable in :)
  • arm warmers - just discovered these. running in bike jersey (big pockets) & arm warmers - hey presto, can start in long sleeves then short soon as you warm up.
  • Three quarter tights and a long sleeved t-shirt.

    If you're a fair-weather running you should have been doing loads of running in January and February - it's so mild like Meldy says - it's like spring outside!!

  • I think we've only had a couple of cold days here. Rest of the time shorts and a long sleeve top with maybe another underneath and you're fine.

    Does depend on the person though. I've been running in a t and shorts and met people running the other way in hat, gloves, jackets and tights.
  • Juliefrazz, yep, i want to run free. Swinging in the breeze.
  • Snigger!!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've just been out for my first 2007 run in shorts. Given that I was running in them up until the end of November, that's the shortest "winter" of my running career.
  • Thnks people I think ive picked out some good advice. As ever, it's just get out there and do it!
  • I've just posted an answer to a similar message on a "freezing legs"  thread  but thought you  might be interested in what I said to that one.

    I live near the Cairngorms and run all winter in the hills.  I also do a fair bit of hill walking. I've always made do with cheap kit but my husband got sick of me moaning about being frozen and bought me some pretty fab stuff for Christmas. I don't think it was terribly cheap, but if you're planning on continuing with your running you may be able to pick up similar stuff in the sales on the internet at this time of year.  It's still baltic up here anyway, despite the obvious warmth for some lucky runners down south!!

    Here's a short list of the best of my kit -  I don't know the style names but I'll do my best. Mountain Equipment Powerstretch tights -best buy ever, along with Helly Hansen long sleeve top with Merino wool.  I have a thinner long sleeve HH top with a zip neck which is great on warmer (ha ha) days.  Also, a Montane ultra lightweight running jacket which stuffs into its own wee orange-sized bag.  Incredibly thin but warm and windproof.  Extremities thin fleece hat and Sealskinz waterproof gloves. (These get a bit  warm but I love them anyway  cos I've never had the luxury of dry hands all winter)

    Happy running! 

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