Soggy Pants Bad - Wicking Pants Good?

It struck me as my friend and I were doing our 20m long run last Sunday, here we were in our performance socks, performance Lycra tights and performance T-shirts (and friend in his breathable jacket) that my pants were really soggy, and not through any leakage problem either before the titters start.

My friend confessed to going Commando, whilst I reported an unpleasant experience "South of the Border" on my first (and last) attempt at this on a long run on a hot sunny day - I walked like John Wayne for a week afterwards..
(plenty of other threads on this so don't even start..).

Anyway, does anyone know of any "wicking pants" that are available, and if so where and are they any good? Anything has to be better than a pair of damp M&S briefs!

I apologise in advance for the undoubted silly comments that will surely appear in the wake of this (at least semi) serious quuestion...

Simon where's my GoreTex handkerchief


  • M&S do do some sporty ones that are a bit tecchy. Look a bit like swimming trunks.
    But this has been raised before - some proper answers amongst the depravity - scroll back if you have an hour or two to spare !
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    OK I'll be sensible for, ooh, at least 30 seconds.

    Lowe Alpine Dryflo - big knickers for boys and girls. Really comfortable. And they look good as well. You'll find them in walking/outdoor shops.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    OK I'll be sensible for, ooh, at least 30 seconds.

    Lowe Alpine Dryflo - big knickers for boys and girls. Really comfortable. And they look good as well. You'll find them in walking/outdoor shops.

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    er, not sure what happened there. I got a bit carried away, I think
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    I've got 2 pairs of these and Mrs FF has yet to look at me and say PHWOOOAR when I'm wearing them. They are very good for preventing a bad attack of the clump though.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    At the risk of sounding stoopid ... what's 'clump'?

    Mrs FF should have said PHWOOOAR by now - you're not wearing them on your head or something?
  • Cougie,

    "When all else fails do a search first" will be my motto from now on. Found the Thread. The issue does seem to raise an huge amount of interest. TX for other replies, I'm looking forward to trying out some of these!

    Of course the other alternative would be to fill you pants with silica gel to absorb any soggyness - you'd just have to buy a lot of electrical goods to get enough of those little sachets though...
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    LizzyB - clump is a made up term for the condition that is commonly known as "sweaty b*llo*ks" hence when the weather turns warm the saying "it's a bit clumpy today" will be regularly heard in our house.
  • Great idea for a kids TV show, "The Clumps", small, wrinkly spherical characters called Betty Swollocks, Clammy Gonads etc. Just need a few plotlines now...
  • Simon,

    I wear Speedo trunks, they seem to do the trick and also prevent 'unecessary movement' which can cause chafing.
  • Odlo also do wicking underwear - they are very effective but a bit pricey.
  • David B

    None of the other TV shows have much of a plot so why should yours. Give your recent postings I wil be looking forward to it but will it have one of the old Channel 4 "red triangles"?
  • Homer, where are you? Come and give us a twirl in those fetching new wicking undies...
  • Try Odlo, Lowe Alpine, Patagonia - all do wickers for the old wick. M&S do a good range called Urban Jungle (I think) which are also synthetic/lycra - comfy fit, wick well, look the Mutts Nutts as well.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    My solution is to keep a few pairs of old briefs handy - the ones in which the elastic has gone. They're too loose for everyday wear, but loose enough not to rub or clump on long runs.
  • On a Serious note - Yeah I'm sorry but I need your help here Guys - I have underwear by Lowe, Duofold and Helly Hansen all are "boxers" and all give no support at all. Now I would like to think that it is volume that's causing this problem but if I'm honest with myself everythings getting long and thin since I started this running lark! Has anyone found some briefs rather than boxers which may offer some support?

    Behave yourselves Girls from the Axis
  • 'clumpy' tee hee
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    Teflon - honestly, I have got some Lowe Alpine wicking grundies (briefs not boxers). I can't remember the actual name (Dryflo?). I got them from an outdoor shop and I have seen them in several others. They do not stay totally clump free, but they offer support and are far better than boxers or cotton briefs. I'd definately try them. I'm off for a search on the web now to see what I can come up with.
  • Highly recommend ODLO.... I've tried them all and for running these seemed the best.
  • also - go with boxers - they tend not to ride up the crack like briefs. and if you are large in the thigh area, they also stop some chafing. I'm surprised some are not filling their boxers - get the right size in the 1st place. baggy trolleys - uugghh.

  • Short legged trunks for me, rather than true 'boxers'
  • I mean the snug, trunk style rather than the old baggy boxers. They were the worst for heading north and clagging the nuts up.
  • I already have 3 pairs of "boxers" style and sure they don't ride up but they don't give any support. I tried to get some gaffer tape as per Fat Face's suggestion but the shops were out of it. There had been a run on it and plastic sheeting recently! Don't know why?

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    4x4xF will you be demonstrating your new attire on club night??????
  • Go for the ones from M&S. They are brilliant and far cheaper than the named sports brands. They are great at wicking sweat away and keep you dry all the time....I think they are £8 each.
  • Newline do a range of CoolMax underwear which is the ultimate in wicking fabrics - they are mail order and offer a good service You can contact them on 0800 96 07 11
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