Eastnor Triathlon

This event interests me. Does anyone know anything about it? Who did it last year?

This would be my first tri so any info or advice would be welcome. And I would be very grateful.



  • No idea mate sorry, not done it or heard of it, maybe someone else can help.
  • I have heard of Eastnor but cant think for the life of me where it is
  • Between Ledbury and Malvern on the Herefordshire border - had about 100 finishers last year.

    I found it on the www.tricoachinguk.org/ website.

  • Couple of chaps from our club (Worcester tri) did it last year. Can't remember too much about what they made of it, but I seem to remember that they really enjoyed it.

    I may be up for doing the classic, subject to ever being injury free again!

    Malverns make for a pleasant bike ride - not toooooo hilly, but nice views (as if you really give a monkey's chuff about views when you're racing....).

    Not an easy first race, but probably one of the nicer ones.
  • When I did my first marathon, I chose Snowdonia...so I am used to not taking the easy route.

    But I think I will need serious swimming training for this one though...
  • with out being to biased (I do organise it)

    It had its first outing last year at the End of September. The swim is in the castle lake - little bit murky, but good for the skin (I had a water test carried out and its very good quality)

    The Bike course for the middle is 4 laps and 2 for the classic. Its up, its down and there is a lovely fast descent from british camp.

    The run is on closed roads withing the Dear park. Very scenic and also some shelter if its hot when you go through the woodland.

    Entries are comming in for both the classic and the middle so should be a good race.

    All the best

    p.s theres some photos on my website
  • Hi Trevor, I'm entered for this race, looking forward to it! Been round the bike course, hilly but beautiful. Just wondering what the profile for the run is like?
    See you in July!
  • "Lovely fast descent from British Camp".......?

    Which rather suggests that you need to climb up to British Camp first - and as memory recalls....

    Well, let's just say it's got lovely scenery - and you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it!
  • I've got my 27 sprocket and I'm not ashamed to use it!
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